Books on Thermodynamics

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Books on Thermodynamics:

In my last article which I had written on thermodynamics, please refer our website or you could also click here to for the introduction and the explanation of the concept of thermodynamics.

However, in continuation with the subject and the topic of thermodynamics, here is an article dedicated specifically on the books that are recommended for the subject.

(a)Engineering Thermodynamics (Third Edition) by R.K. Rajput:

Engineering Thermodynamics

About the Book: The book Engineering Thermodynamics is the third Edition which has been written by the author R.K. Rajput. The book has been specifically considered to be a very important one because of its clear and lucid language and because of the clear definition and explanation on the subject of Thermodynamics.

The book also contains several intensive solved problems together with the solutions. Moreover the book also contains many practical numericals for the purpose of practice and understanding. The third edition also contains several explanations of materials using the SI Units, SI Conversion Tables, Steam Tables and mollier diagram.

Availability of the Book: the book is available on several retail book stores and for the purpose of cutting both on costs and time you could also check out online websites such as and Flipkart.

(b)Molecular Thermodynamics  by Donald A Mcquarrie & John D. Simon:

Molecular Thermodynamics

About the Book: this book written on thermodynamics has been highly favoured and recommended because of its clear and easy language and lucid explanation about the subject and topic of Thermodynamics.

The book has also been considered to be a downsized version of the entire concept of Thermodynamics. This book also comprises of several multiple practical examples together with solved answers so as to help the students not only with solving them , but also to help them understand the subject with great ease.

Besides the primary concept of thermodynamics, there have been three more additions in this book such as “Thermodynamics of Electrochemical Cells” , “The Energy levels of Atoms and Molecules and lastly “The Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics”.

Another noteworthy feature of this book is the separate text, which comprises of 4 or 5 chapters of Mathematics, so as to assist all the students to summarize and review all the mathematical concepts, tools that are required to understand the subject of thermodynamics.

Availability of the Book: you could either check your local book store or you could even make the purchase online. There are many sites such as or Flipkart where this book is available.

(c)Mechanics & Thermodynamics of Propulsion by Phillip G Hill:

Mechanics and Themodynamics of Propulsion

About the Book: This book on Mechanics written by the author is the second edition which has been published  in the year 2009. The book has been published by a renowned publishing house called “Pearsons Education”. The book has around 750 to 800 pages and is in the Paper Back Edition.

The Author Philip G Hill has specifically and exclusively explained and defined most of the fundamental concepts of Thermodynamics in grave detail and gravity. The author has made it a point to explain all the concepts in a very clear and lucid language, especially for the students of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering.

The book also contains many demonstrations in several ways with respect to the practical Applications of the concept of Thermodynamics to several other streams of Engineering. Compared to the first edition, this book contains vast range of recently illustrative problems and solution on rocket engines and modern aircraft.

Availability of the Book: You could check out this book with your local book store in your city, or to save  and cut on both time and costs, visit or Flipkart.

(d)Heat Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics by Brij Lal:

Heat Thermodynamics and Statitstical Physics

About the Book: this book on the concept of Thermodynamics has been written by the author Brij Lal, the book has been published in the year 2998 and has been published by a very renowned publishing house S. Chand Publishers.

Brij Lal is a very popular author who has written several book on the field of Engineering.  The book has been highly acclaimed by all the Engineering Students, both from the streams of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering.

The book has also many positive reviews on some of the online books stores, the most important feature of the book seems to be the lucid and clear definition and explanation of the all the concepts of Thermodynamics.

The book has been precisely designed to cater to the needs of Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering  and the B.Sc Students as per the University Grants Commission (UGC) Syllabus. The book contains several texts that are written on Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, Heat Flow and Air Conditioning and Kinetic Theory of Matter.

Availability of the Book: The book is available on several online shopping sites such as the or Flipkart, you could save both time and costs by making the online purchase. Or for convience purpose you could visit your local bookstore to make the purchase.

(e)Introductory Chemical Engineering and Thermodynamics by J. Richard Elliot & Carl T Lira:

Indroductory Chemical Engineering and Thermodynamics

About the Book: the book Introductory Chemical Engineering and Thermodynamics is the second edition which has been written by the author. The book has been published in the year 2012 by Pearsons Education” a renowned publishing house. The book is in the Paperback version and comprises around 900 pages.

Both the Authors  J Richard Elliot and Carl T Lira have great experience in the field of Thermodynamics, and have thoroughly explained and defined the fundamental concepts and principles of Thermodynamics from the students point of view.

Besides all the above, the second edition contains the newest and the latest practical explanations and applications of the concept of thermodynamics. It also contains an exclusive coverage of the present day newly emerging bio technology and engineering applications.

Availability of the Book: The book is available on several online shopping sites such as or Flipkart, to save both time and costs you could make an online purchase or if you are sceptical about online shopping then you could visit your local book store.

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