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Interested students take up SAT entrance exam so as to get themselves enrolled for undergraduate programs. The abilities & skills to be assessed in the SAT examination are concepts of Mathematics, Reading & Writing. The Syllabus for SAT exam includes;

  • Critical Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Writing

Let us discuss few Books for SAT

Books for SAT

Books on Critical Reading

1.  Word Power Made Easy

The book surely helps a person so as to acquire better word skills quickly enabling the person to learn at a faster pace. The book provides a path to persons on how to become expert in building vocabulary by learning new words & making use of the same.

Books on Critical Reading

In order to get the book please follow the link Word Power Made Easy New Revised & Expanded Edition (English) 1st Edition 

2.  30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary

This book helps in assessing a reader’s vocabulary with the help of its self tests & exercises. It encompasses all the verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns etc to be used in a sentence.

Books on Critical Reading

Follow this particular link to get the book  30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary (English) 13th THUS Edition 

3.  Instant Vocabulary

Learning can be all together a new experience with this book as the idea of identifying the basic blocks of languages where from the words originate. By following the steps for guidance, one can certainly succeed.

Books on Critical Reading

Check out the book by following this link Instant Vocabulary (English)

Books on Mathematics

1. Mathematics (Class VI)

The book is written in the most simplest manner with throughout illustrations & proper examples at every step. The application of concepts is explained in the most effective manner.

Books on Mathematics

You can get this book by following the link Mathematics (Class VI) (English)

2. Mathematics For Class XI

The contents of this book mainly focus on topics like Sets, Relations, Functions, Measurement of Angles, Trigonometric Equations etc..

Books on Mathematics

This book can be obtained by following the link  Mathematics For Class XI (English) 1st Edition

3. Secondary School Mathematics For Class – 10

As far as this book is concerned, candidate can bank on it as each topic explained under this book is developed systematically by developing the conceptual clarity in that particular area. Evaluation of various problem sums is also  undertaken.

Books on Mathematics

Candidates can procure this book from the link  Secondary School Mathematics For Class – 10 (English)

Books on Writing

1.  Modern Essays for Competitions

This book can serve to be a very beautiful book for all those people who wish to learn the art of writing. This book can be really helpful even for various entrance exams.Books on Writing

Grab this book by following the link  Modern Essays for Competitions : On All Debatable Issues (English) 6th Edition 

2. Essay Writing Made Simple

This book provides a comprehensive look out on research techniques, structuring work, drafting, editing & rewriting etc..

Books on Writing

Please follow the link to procure the book Essay Writing Made Simple: An Essential Aid for Exam Success (English)

3. Oxford Guide to English Grammar

The book is a one big unit of word classes, phrases, sentence elements, usage of languages etc..

Books on Writing

One can get this book by referring this link  Oxford Guide to English Grammar (English) 01 Edition 

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