Body Language for an Interview

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How to Perfect Body Language For Your Job Interview

Body Language is considered as a very powerful means of tool in case of interview session. It is so said that, 80% of what one understands in a conversation is through a person’s body language. There are a lot many messages that a person can portray through one’s body language. It is thus important for a person to control & be in charge of what sort of message is being sent to the person across.

One needs to be careful with his/her body language. Body language needs to be handled really well, sometimes it can land you in trouble if one is not careful about the way one handles. Any sort of inappropriate body language cannot be undertaken during an interview. For example: If an interviewee rubs his nose every now & then, it indicates a sign of lying, there by the interviewer might think he/she is lying while answering the questions.

It is therefore important that a controlled & correct body language is adopted so that not only one looks confident, but also shall develop their confidence level.

First impression is the last impression

It is rightly said that a first impression is the last impression. At times the interview can begin much prior, even before reaching the room of the interviewer. One can never know for what all reasons you might get noticed. One needs to be confident through out the interview & maintain his calm/composure while appearing for the interview. Take a deep breathe before entering the interview room & stack all your documents neatly organized in a folder.

Be wise & good

If a person appears for interview, he/she must make great efforts so as to make a lasting impression on everyone including the receptionist greeting you. If possible try & sit in a position so that you face your interviewers when they enter the interview room.

The ‘Balancing Act’

While you are in the waiting room, waiting for your turn, make sure you sit in an upright position with your shoulders straight & erect back, & not hunch back or slouch. This shall make you look more confident than ever before but don’t overdo it or else it shall make you look overconfident. Arrange your documents well in advance so as to avoid last minute fiddling up.

In an ‘On-going Interview’

How to Perfect Body Language For Your Job Interview

Make sure that no other bag or folder are carried by you apart from the ones which are to be shared with the interviewer. One must not carry unnecessary stuff. It acts as a barrier. Make sure while gesturing, your hands are always above the desk and below the collarbone. It is advisable to sit a foot away from the table. One should not cross the legs nor shake one over the other.

While taking leave

Once the interview is over, calmly collect all your belongings & keep a subtle smile flashing at thew same time. Make a good bye handshake firmly.

Hope we are fulfilling your quest for Body Language for an Interview. Share your experience & ideas with us.

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