What is Bio Technology

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What is Biotechnology

Indeed , Gone are those days when “Blackberry and Apple were just Fruits” , truly from the bottom of my heart, those were the days that Offered and Promised much more Simplicity, together with less confusion, together with Lower Costs and Inflation.

Not before a long time ago, before the advent of the full Fledged Usage of Computers, there used to be just few technical streams of Education. As far as I remember there were majorly just two streams one would be “The Never Ending World of Engineering and the Second would be Either B.Sc or M. Sc and to some extent even Computer Engineering”.

But off late, I mean from the past decade or a two there are so many newer and complicated streams of Educations that have just emerged and cropped up, new to the minds and the eyes of the People At Large.

Now new steams of Education such as Microbiology, Nano technology, Life Sciences, Bio Technology have emerged, not to deny that they have made our lives much more easier and long lasting but still they are also no less in taxing human brings with a hammer.

So here is a Brain Hammering Article, which I dedicate to the Engineering World especially to those who are Aspiring to pursue a degree in Bio Technology and to also those who are in their teens? Having the capability to become a Biotechnologist but still have to find it out with themselves.

About Bio Technology:

Although not much said about the Stream of Bio Technology, I would have to admit that it (Bio Technology) has always been present since the ancient time, (but in a very crude form) how? Surprised well remember our Predecessor making Cheese and Curds, and Cottage Cheeses at home during the Summers?

Well I hope now I have Rung some Bells? Yes dear Readers, the Concept of Bio Technology has always been present in some Raw and Crude form and its present Advent into Mainstream Education is just of a Recent Emergence.

Well now since we are clear about What exactly is Biotechnology? (Off the Books) here is is the technical Definition of the Term? (Scientifically)

Bio Technology: as a Concept has recently Emerged into Mainstream Education just within the past decade, Bio Technology is an Amalgamation of both Streams of “Biology and Technology”. Bio Technology as a stream of Academics has all the potential to harness and manifest Bio-molecular and Cellular Process, which in turn leads to the emergence of newer technologies that develop and invent new products and articles, improving our health and lives.

Our Recent drugs and medicines are all the Fruits and the efforts and the Results of Bio Technology.

I hope the above article was interesting to some extent, defining and explaining the Principle and Concept of Bio Technology in a very Clear, Plain, Precise and Distinct Language.

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