Bio Medical Engineering Courses after 12th Std

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Bio Medical Engineering Courses after 12th Std:

The following article given below is exclusively written on Bio Medical Engineering Courses after 12th Std.

Engineering is practically almost like a Universe, comprising of several sub stream of itself namely Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering Etc. Initially there were just few streams (the very common and most sorted ones given above) but as and when the time has passed by, not to forget the several advancements in Science and Technology, has led to the eruption of newer streams of Engineering such as Bio Medical Engineering, Bio Technology Etc.

Biomedical Engineering is one of the many branches of Engineering which specialized and focuses on the application of procedures and techniques of Engineering to the Field of Medicines. Thus it basically consists and comprises of the application of the Technical Engineering knowledge to the subjects of Biology and Medicine.

Biomedical Engineering as a Career option directly contributes to the growth and the development and the improvement of Several Heath care Solutions.

Eligibility Criteria for B.E. in Bio-Medical Engineering:

  • All those Candidates who are intending to graduate as a Bio-Medical Engineer are required to have cleared and passed out their 10+2 HSC Board Examinations
  • The above examination should be recognized by an Educational Board or any other equivalent examination which should be approved.
  • The above examination should be cleared mandatory with subjects such as that of Physics; Chemistry and Mathematics

Duration of the Course:

  • The Graduation Degree in Bio-Medical Engineering would take at least 4 years duration, while the Diploma Course or Program in Bio-Medical l Engineering would take at least 2 or 3 years of the duration

FEES for the Bio-Medical Engineering Degree Course:

  • The Fees depend upon the University or the Institute where the Candidate seeks to get admitted. Central Government Institutes such as that of the IITs and the NITs would charge comparative lesser, whereas, private Colleges or Universities would charge a bit extra.

Scope of Bio-Medical Engineering in India:

  • The Scope was always Bright and will always be Bright, since with the advancement of newer technology, the increase and the demand for Bio-Medical engineering has never been so much. Moreover due to globalization and expansion drive of the Multinational Corporations, the Sun just seems to shine brighter on Bio-Medical Engineering day after day.


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