The Big Question: Are you unemployed or unemployable?

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The Big Question: Are you unemployed or unemployable?On taking a quick look, one might mistake one word for the other. But no person in this world would like to be perceived while being “unemployed” as “unemployable”. 

Let us understand their meanings in detail. “Unemployed” person is the one without a paid job but at the same time available to work. On the other hand, an “Unemployable” person is someone who is not able to secure paid employment due to lack of enough skills or qualifications.

But through some articles & news feed, people had this sort of notion claiming unemployed people as unemployable by various companies. This is not the case! The fact that a person is unemployable itself is the cause of little self-confidence & morale in the candidate after an extremely tiring session of job search.

While rejecting a candidate, an employer needs to carefully site the reason for his rejection, keeping in mind the candidate’s state of mind. There are many such candidates who are born with a broad skill set & come up with some exceptional resumes but still get stuck at the interview checkpoint.

It is rightly said that, practice makes a man perfect, but if one appears for an interview being negative, wordy, egotistical, dishonest or may be simply fit in the wrong culture. The fact that whether you are going to be hired or not has got little to do with whether you are employed or not.

What one can do if one falls into the “Unemployed” category?

1. Stop listening to the negativity around you as well as try thinking over any sort of negative instincts. It shall only make you feel unemployable.

2. If one gets to hear about the companies who do not hire unemployed people, feel happy about the fact that they didn’t hire you probably because they don’t treat their employees well either.

3.  Place your resume in the best possible manner. In case of any doubts, consult a career professional for an analysis.

4.  Practice giving interviews for your job search or if you want to get thorough with it, hire a career professional to evaluate on your soft skills rather than, your technical qualifications. Work more towards eliminating your negative thoughts, or words & regain your self-confidence just as when you were employed.

5. At any point of your life, do not lose hope. Think of it as going back to school to learn the new wants & desires of the 21st century Hiring Manager.

Last but not the least, take control of your life & reinvent yourself for the future. 🙂

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