Best Cricket Academies in India

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Cricket- is all about “bat & ball” & the innings there in. There is hardly anyone who must have not played the game or is unaware about it. Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly & many more..are the household names when it comes to cricket. A child when starts to know about various games, on most occasions Cricket, is what that strikes the chord with him & he chooses to play it over the other games. Whether he is able to calculate or not but he is well versed in calculating the runs & overs as well celebrating the victory over the wickets.

Cricket-as a summer game was played in British Isles & inspired by it various other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, South Africa & West Indies. Cricket as a game is played between two teams of 11 players on a grassy field, in the center being two wickets. The simple rule being, when one team is “in” , the other team attempts to get each of them “out” . The one team which was “in” is ultimately “all out” & takes its place in the “out field”. The team which was previously out field in turn goes “in” until they too are “all out”!! These process, technically known as “innings” may be repeated once more, as a match can last one day or take as many as five days. The team with the highest number of “runs” wins the match.

There are many cricket enthusiasts in the country with the dream of becoming a cricketer in the near future & represent one’s own country on the global front. All these cricket frenzy individuals try to get themselves enrolled in the best cricket academies which shall groom them into finest players. Over here we bring for you the Best Cricket Academies in India so as to secure your dream & help you to some extent in order to fulfill it.

 Best Cricket Academies in India:

Let us introduce you to a chain of Cricket Academies in India, responsible for taking the credit in changing the form of “Gully Cricket” & shaping it up in a Professional Cricket Academy where in students are enrolled to excel in the game under the expert guidance of Professional teams.

1. Cricket India Academy:

cricket india academy

Cricket India Academy owes to focus on maximizing participation in high quality coaching sessions & develops an environment for participants to learn & expand their cricket ability.

2. National School of Cricket:

national school of cricket


The Academy trains its students with the help of expert coaches, established cricketers with facilities & infrastructures matching international levels & an incredible support system without which achieving the target is simply not possible.

3. Madan Lal Cricket Academy:

MLCA is known to have the best infrastructure facilities for a cricket academy. It is equipped with four turf & 3 cement wickets. The academy keeps a track on the latest technology with installment of two bowling machines & video analysis sessions of individuals. Prominent cricketers pay a visit to the academy to boost & motivate them through.

4. Karnataka Institute of Cricket:

The Institute provides with bowling machines, nets, turf, coir matting wickets, speed check radar, flood lights facility, transport facilities, fitness trainers & expert personnel for giving guidance & training to students.

5. Sehwag Cricket Academy:

This Academy aims to offer range of coaching courses for children of various age group by the way of daily & weekly sessions, combining with special courses during school holidays. It struggles for the all-round development of cricket learners.

Get clean bowled with these top class cricket academies & explore the game on your own terms to see yourself as the face of the nation someday.!!

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