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The field of Engineering is like a tree, just as a tree has many leaves on it, in the same way the engineering comprises of several disciplines, one of which is software engineering.

Software Engineering: comprises of 2 words, Software and Engineering. Engineering is one of the branches of science, relative to the study, design, creation and invention of machines, Electrical or Mechanical.

Software means computer software, a computer software comprises of  all computer programs and applications, used to operate a computer, these application and programs govern the entire operation of a computer system.

Computer Software comprises of computer files, libraries and computer scripts, in other words computer software means a set of computer data and instructions. So anything kind of electronic information or data that can be stored is called Computer software.

Thus software engineering is an amalgamation of the above two worlds that are mentioned above. Software engineering as a branch of engineering applies the principles methods and techniques of engineering to the design, creation and invention, maintenance and operation of computer software.

Definition of Software Engineering:

  • The application of a systematic, disciplined as well as a quantifiable approach to the designing, creation and the development of a computer software.
  • its a discipline of engineering that is relative to the creation of software
  • and the efficient and productive utilization of engineering principles and techniques in obtaining and procuring a software compatible with several machines.

Scope and the work of Software Engineers:

  • Software Engineers do all the work relative to the above mentioned definition.
  • One could also put this in another words, Software Engineers design and create computer soft wares.
  • Software engineers also write programs in computer languages, that enable them to design and create a new software.

Besides the above mentioned explanation, here are some additional books that could explain you further.

(1) Software Engineering Principles and Techniques- Deepak Jain:

Software Engineering Principles and Techniques

About the Book: This is the first edition of the books that is written by the author Deepak Jain. This book was written and published in the year 2009  and is considered to be one of the best books for all those students who are pursuing their undergraduate course in Software engineering. Another feature of this book is is in depth explantion of the fundamental concepts and techniques.

(2) Software Engineering 6th Edition- Roger S Pressman:

Software Engineering 6th Edition

About the Book: This comprehensive book is considered to be an apt for all  software engineering undergraduates as well as the software engineering postgraduates. This book is useful to all post graduates because of refreshing or revising all the fundamental concepts. This book has also been considered to be useful for all software engineering professionals.

(3) Software Engineering Essentials-Dr Merlin Dorfman & Dr. Stuart R Faulk:

Software Engineering Essentials

About the Book: This book is considered to be a detailed comprehensive book covering all the past concepts of engineering as well as the recent concepts to this date. This book comprise of other volumes too but this is the book that contains all the engineering essentials and fundamentals.

(4) Fundamentals of Software Engineering-Rajib Mall:

Fudamentals of Software Engineering


About the Book: Just as the name suggests, this book is another classic for all software engineering graduates and just like the above mentioned books, this book also mentions in grave detail and gravity all software engineering principles and concepts. This book was written and published by the author in the year 2009, this being the 3rd edition.

(5) Essentials of Software Engineering- E Balaguruswamy:

Essentials of Software Engineering

About the Book: This book is also considered to be a very good, since this book has focussed and emphasized specifically on the software engineering concepts and fundamentals. This book was written and published by the author in the year 2004 and the book is the first edition.

We hope our website and our article helps you to understand the basics and the scope of software engineering, please feel free to write back to us.

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