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The Union Public Service Commission  has been established under Article 315 of the Constitution of India. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is India’s fundamental agency certified to conduct various Civil Services examination at the national level.

It conducts examination such as Engineering Services examination, Civil Services examination, National Defence Academy examination, Combined Defence Services examination, Combined Medical Services examination, Naval Academy examination, Indian Economic Service/Indian Statistical Service examination, Special Class Railway Apprentice, Central Armed Police Forces(Assistant Commandment) examination.

UPSC functions with both autonomy & freedom along with country’s higher judiciary. It has been entrusted with the task of recruitment to services & posts by conducting exams, recruitment to services & posts under Central Govt. by selection through interviews, advising govt. regarding methods of recruitment to various services & posts, disciplinary cases relating to different civil services & other miscellaneous matters such as granting extra ordinary pension, reimbursement of expenses etc.

Preparing for UPSC exams is a crucial task in itself.
We are here to make it simple for you by suggesting some of the best books to prepare for UPSC: 

  1. Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude- G Subba Rao & P.N.Roy Chowdhury
    The book is compiled by two IAS veterans & it incorporates Political Attitude & International Morality, Ethics & Human Interface along with case studies covering diverse administrative & moral contexts for better understanding.
  2. Environment & Ecology-Biodiversity, Climate change & disaster management- Majid Husain
    The book covers concepts on environment & ecology, plant & animal kingdom, biodiversity & legislation, environmental degradation & management, climate change, natural disasters etc.It covers major illustrations for better understanding of Ecology.
  3. Compulsory English for Civil & Judicial Services-A P Bhardwaj
    Designed as per the Syllabus & pattern,the book covers English composition, Functional Grammar, Building vocabulary as well as UPSC exam solved papers.
  4. Science & Technology for Civil Services Examination- Ashok Kumar Singh
    The book deals with economic & political implications which are involved in technological innovations. It also focusses on WMDs, wireless communication & NANO technology & many such.
  5. Modern Indian History-Mohammad Tarique
    This particular book covers the colonial rule & its immediate impact on India. It gives information on establishment of British rule in India, the socio-cultural impact of the colonial rule , nationalism under Gandhi’s leadership, strands of national movement, the final bid for freedom.
  6. Datt & Sundharam Indian Economy- Ashwani Mahajan & Gaurav Datt
    The book deals with nature of Indian Economy, Planning & Economic Development, agriculture in national economy, large scale & small scale industries & the tertiary sector of the Indian Economy.
  7. Elementary Statistics- S. C. Gupta
    It includes descriptive statistics, probability, probability distributions, regression analysis &  correlation coefficients etc.

The above said books are more or less referred for Civil Services Examinations of UPSC. Hope the same helps you to score well & crack the exam. Please share your thoughts or suggestions regarding the same in the comment section.


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