Best books to prepare for JEE (Main)

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The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) was introduced in 2012. It has replaced  AIEEE & IIT-JEE by  Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) at national level for the purpose of  admission to various under-graduate engineering courses. JEE is conducted in two parts-JEE Main & JEE Advanced.

Only top candidates of JEE Main are eligible to appear for JEE Advanced. The candidates who clear JEE Main but are unable to appear for  JEE Advanced, pursue admission in engineering colleges other than Indian Institute of Technology or Indian School of Mines. They can seek admission in other engineering colleges like Indian Institute of Information Technology, National Institute of Technology & other government & private engineering colleges.

The major subjects involved in JEE Main are :


There are a variety of books which can be considered for preparation of JEE Main. Here are some of the best books to prepare for JEE Main. 

  • Integral Calculus(Maths) – Amit M Agarwal
    The book covers topics such as definite integrals,indefinite integrals, differential equations etc.

integral calculus


  • Textbook of Algebra(Maths) – Dr. S.K. Goyal
    The book covers multiple chapters such as complex numbers,equations,sequences & series, matrices,probability etc.


  • JEE Mains Mathematics(Maths)- R.K.Tyagi
    The book is a good combination of sets,relations,functions,permutations,combinations,two dimensional geometry,three dimensional geometry, trigonometry,mathematical reasoning etc.


  • Concepts of Physics (Physics)- H.C.Verma
    In the book,author mentions about Rest & Motion: Kinematics, Concept of forces:Newton’s Law of Motion, theory of friction,circular motion, work & energy,rotational mechanics,gravitation, sound waves & light waves & many more.


  • Physics for IIT-JEE(Physics)- Resnick, Halliday, Walker
    The book consists of Units & dimensions, vectors & elementary calculus, center of mass, mechanical waves,longitudnal waves,temperature & thermal expansion,heat, calorimetry & heat transfer etc.


  • Science for Everyone(Physics)- S.S. Krotov
    The book includes scientific views on topics like mechanics, heat & molecular physics, electricity & magnetism & optics.


  • Numerical Physical Chemistry(Chemistry)- Neeraj Kumar
    The book covers major topics such as stoichiometry,eudiometry, equivalent weight, gaseous state, thermodynamics,thermochemistry, chemical kinetics, nuclear chemistry & many such.

physical chemistry

  • Essential Physical Chemistry(Chemistry)- Ranjeet Shahi
    The book deals in mole concept & reaction, atomic structure, chemical bonding, electrochemistry & many such topics.


  • Organic & Inorganic Chemistry(Chemistry)- O.P. Tandon
    The books carries description on acids & bases, hydrogen & its compounds, alkali earth metal & their compounds, elements belonging to various groups, qualitative inorganic analysis etc.
    On the other hand inorganic chemistry involves volumetric analysis, environmental chemistry, transition elements etc.



The above mentioned books are effective enough for the preparation of JEE Main.
On their reference, possibility to score maximum increases, in the exam.
Hope the books are of utmost use to you. Please feel free to share your views or raise doubts,if any regarding the same.

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