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Operating System?

I not even going to ask you this insane question, like how I do in my previous articles, Have you heard about Operating Systems? Do you know what it means?

We all have hear about Operating System, (save toddlers), moreover now days with the smart phone fever running on everyone’s head, there would be hardly any one who is ignorant about it. Everyone knows about blackberry’s, android, windows, IOSs, Symbian(now defunct), as well as their upgraded versions that are released bi annually or at least annually.

Operating System is a software that manages and controls all the computer’s hardware, software accessories, its devices and resources. An operating system also provides additional services that are very common to other computer applications and programs.

Operating Systems actually runs the computer; it also manages the computer memory and storage, the hardware, its software and all its processes. It’s the operating system, because of which you are able to browse and communicate with the computer.

An operating system is very crucial to all electronic devices such as our Smartphone, laptops, desktops because it provides a platform for all these devices to work. Just imagine can you laptop or your computer or even your Smartphone work without incorporating an operating system in it? Don’t even think about it.

Here is a list of books that are mentioned below, written on this subject:

(1) Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles- William Stallings:

Operating Systems Internals and Design Principles

About the Book: This book provides a unified and comprehensive detail about the concept of operating system. The author has also tried to emphasize on fundamental techniques and principles of contemporary operating systems, thus giving the readers a detailed understanding about key concepts and issues.

(2) Operating System Concepts: International Student Version- Silberschatz

Operating System Concepts International Student Version 

 About the Book: In this book all key and fundamental concepts have been properly explained and that too in very clear and lucid manner. This book also provides information on the development  and the operation of various operating systems that are present to this day. This version of book also assists in providing better understanding of every area of operating system.

(3) Operating System Concepts: 8th Edition Wiley Student Edition- Abraham Silberschatatz & Grey Gagne:

Operating System Concepts 8th Edition Wiley Student Edition

About the Book: This is the 8th edition and covers a wide array of changes that have evolved ever since the inception of the  of operating systems. it also covers other advanced subjects and topics such as networking and operating systems, cluster computing and open source operating systems.

(4) Advanced Concepts in  Operating Systems- Mukesh Singhal & Niranjan Shivaratri:

Advanced Concepts in  Operating Systems

About the book: ever since its inception, operating systems have evolved a lot, right from the time when windows were designed and created. Thus this book takes into consideration the above facts thereby giving a detailed description about the evolution of all the operating systems. besides that it covers other several advanced topics and subject  that also seem to have evolved with time.

(5) Operating Systems: Design and Implementation- Tanenbaum Andrew S & Woodhull Albert S:

Operating Systems: Design and Implementation

About the Book: This being the third edition incorporates all the recent and latest developments in the implementation and design of various operating systems. this book is also very useful to all undergraduates for operating system design projects. this book is very popular because of its blend of both theoretical and practical aspects on operating systems.

We hope our article would be useful to all who are pursuing a degree in computer engineering and science, please feel free to send you comments, suggestions and feedback.

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