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What is Automata?

We all have heard and come across this world “Automatic”, which means all mechanical, electronic and electrical devices that work on its own, these do not require any human intervention, to make them work.

Automata evolves from the word  “Automatic”, this is a theory and study of abstract, mechanical machines and devices. Automata is a theory from the branch of Computer Science, and also comprises of mathematical computations and problems, used for solving tedious and complicated issues, related to the working of abstract machines and devices.

The concept and study of Automata originated during the beginning of the 20th century, when most of the mathematicians started to create and develop machines, that could imitate (to some extent) certain funtions and features of human being such as performing certain acts or movements.

Automata is the study of Automatons. but now the question arises as to what is Automaton?

Automatons are virtually self operating and self functioning machine and devices, these machines and devices work and operate on their own without any human interference. Still confused? well have a look below:


Did it ring a bell? this is called an Automaton, thus Automata is the study of these mechanical devices that work and function on their own. No human interference is required (to some extent).

Well after such painstaking efforts, explaining about  Automata, here are some books that would definitely  assist you out further.

(1) Introduction to Automata theory, languages and Computation-John E Hopcroft:

Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation

About the Book: This is one incomparable book that is written on topics automata theory, automation, formal languages, as well as computational complexity. it has also been updated to include new and advance theoretical concepts in a very concise and straight forward manner.

(2) An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata- Peter Lynz:

An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata

About the Book: This book contains all the essential concepts and explanations to the field of Automata. Another feature of this book is that very clear, lucid and detail description have been given through out. This book is specially recommended for all computer science undergraduates.

(3) Introduction to Formal Languages, Automata Theory and Computation- krithivasan

Introduction to Formal Languages, Automata Theory and Computation

About the book: A very comprehensive book which approaches the subject and the theory of automata and its computation from the undergraduates point of view. Most of the concepts and definitions have been explained very very well in a clear and precise language. This book is also designed to cater the needs of all those pursuing a degree in information technology.

(4) An Introduction To Automata Theory & Formal Languages (English)- Adesh K Pandey:

An Introduction To Automata Theory & Formal Languages (English)

About the Book: This book in an introduction to the concept and the world of Automata. It presents all the information on Automata theory as well as formal languages in a very detailed manner. it starts by defining and explaining the fundamental concepts, which later on proves to be useful towards the end of the book.

(5) Introduction To Automata And Compiler Design (English) 1st Edition-Dasaradh Ramiah K:

Introduction To Automata And Compiler Design

About the Book: This is a comprehensive book that provides all the important fundamental concepts of compiler design and automata. the book also discusses about regular expression and regular set as well as pushdown automata in grave detail. another feature of this book is the clear and lucid language that is used, keeping in mind all computer science undergraduates.

We hope we could clear some confusion about the concept of automata in brief at least. but with the help of these recommended books i am sure you would be assisted fruitfully. please write back to us for any suggestions, comments and feedback.

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