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Since the worldwide release of  the mega hit blockbuster Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and its latter sequels, I don’t know why? but this very word Artificial Intelligence is just like a splinter that keeps pestering me from the inside. The very fact that even machines, who have started to display and present human like attributes and character, really sends chilling shivers down my spine.

Indeed after watching these movies one is forced to think, Can really Man be defeated by thinking machines and super computers? Man who was created in the image and likeness of god, will he be surpassed by machines and robots?

Well enough of negativity and hostility, thought and said about those lifeless beings, here is an article that I present as to what is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence:

Speaking in common lingo, Artificial Intelligence  or AI means the intelligence that is not real in nature but man made, studied, designed and created by human themselves and then incorporated in machines such as robots. Artificial intelligence comprises of all those acts, movements and analytical and logical reasoning that enable electronic devices to think and act like Human Beings.

In technical terms Artificial Intelligence is the theory, the study and the development of such computer systems that are able to perform and accomplish such tasks and activities, which normally require human intelligence and reasoning. Thus Artificial Intelligence is separate branch of computer science which emphasizes on the development of machines that display the power of human thinking and reasoning.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence:

This comes as a shocker but its not only those robots that display human character and attribute but also some of our very own day to day devices such as our Smartphones, our laptops, computers. Now days even washing machines are become smart enough, in which they converse with humans.

Besides the above article here are some list of books that further enlighten you on this subject of Artificial Intelligence:

(1)Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems- N.P Padhv:

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems

About the Book: This book Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent systems offers a comprehensive and detailed coverage of all important principles and concepts in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Besides the above this book also offers a discussion on the application of artificial intelligence to several fields.

(2) Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach 2nd Edition- Stuart Russell:

Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach 2nd Edition- Stuart Russell

About the Book: This book has a comprehensive text both on theory and practice, and is divided into 6 sections. The author is a British- American professor and scientist and has made many significant contributions to the field of artificial intelligence. This book is the second edition and comprises many new theories, concepts  and advancements that have taken place in Artificial Intelligence.

(3) Principles of Artificial Intelligence- Nils J Nilsson:

Principles of Artificial Intelligence

About the Book: This book contains topics such as various treatments given of Artificial Intelligence, which have been further divided into other section such as major areas of application, automatic programming and automatic theorem proving. The main goal of this book is to describe all fundamental concepts and principles in detail.

 (4) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence- Charnaik:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

About the Book: This book by the author has been considered to be quiet comprehensive, for all undergraduate students of computer engineering and computer science. This book probably covers all the aspects of the theories of Artificial Intelligence, besides these the book also contains sufficient no of examples for practice.

(5) Artificial Intelligence and soft computing- konar:

Artificial Intelligence and soft computing


About the Book: This book offers comprehensive notes and material on both traditional as well as recent advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This book also offers in-depth and detailed treatment of genetic algorithms and neuro computing and inspires and guides readers to build such machines with artificial intelligence.

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