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Master in Business Administration holds a greater scope in today’s world. But choosing an MBA specialization can be as difficult & confusing as the decision to choose a career for yourself, from where one needs to pursue the MBA Degree.

MBA offers a variety of specializations & programs.
Listed below are a few of them.

  1. Finance
  2. Marketing
  3. Operations
  4. Information Technology (IT)
  5. Human Resources (HR)

Let us shift the focus a bit towards MBA-IT:

Information Technology (IT) or Management Information System (MIS) has recently developed as one of the most important MBA specializations. Students with IT background (as a software engineer or IT Graduate), MBA-IT as got a lot to offer about.

The scope of MBA lies in positions like System Analyst, Technical Systems Manager, Technical Consultant & Business Development Manager. It also covers the top positions like Chief Information Officer (CIO) & Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Listed below are some of the best books for MBA-IT:

1. ERP- Jyotindra Zaveri

books on MBA-IT

The book reveals how companies use the management information to gain the competitive edge. Enterprise Resource Planning helps the organization, especially manufacturing companies to manage the growth.

2. Production & Operations Management- P Rama Murthy

book on MBA-IT

The book provides the reader with a brief introduction on Production & Operations Management, Pre-Planning Stage or Product Design Stage, Production aspects, Steps in Forecasting, Input-Output analysis etc.

3. Management Information System-Girdhar Joshi

books on MBA-IT

This particular book elaborates on how information system supported by Information Technology (IT) help business gain competitive advantages & meet corporate objectives.

4. Information Technology for Management- B Mutthukumaran

books on MBA-IT

The book covers basic Information Technology (IT) & its application in a business environment. It covers topics on IT Infrastructure, IT Production Tools, and Internet & Network Protocols, IT Management & IT Applications-Business Systems.

5. E-commerce- P.T.Joseph S.J

books on MBA IT

It is a useful guide for studying subjects like information technology, business & computer applications, chain management, e-payment, e-security, web designing & more.

There by, if one is good as a programmer, have technical skills, & knowledge regarding the particular business domain, one can choose Information Technology as their MBA specialization. Here in one can very well develop, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions for business development, sales & marketing, accounts, project management, HR functions & all other business processes.

Nevertheless, IT Professionals are respected worldwide & with an MBA background, Multi National Companies (MNC’s) are sure to hire you.

Various roles of MBA-IT:

  • Business Analyst
  • Pre-Sales or Business Development Manager
  • Sales or ERP Consultant
  • Project Manger
  • QA Manger
  • Process Consultant

Aspiring candidates please give a thought on achieving a career in MBA (IT). One can go through the above mentioned books to score well. For more detailed information on MBA-IT kindly visit MBA in Information Technology

For any doubts or queries please do let us know.

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