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For strategic decision-makers in the private and public sectors; “marketing” describes a fundamental approach to general management decision-making and a necessary set of business functions. Business people trained in marketing can provide critical input in areas such as markets, competitors, and portfolios of operating technologies.

As such, the field of marketing is a valuable preparation for many types of management careers, including consulting, entrepreneurial management, line management, and for those who have future interests in starting their own business. 

Marketing’s flexibility makes it a good choice for students to choose for specialization in Finance, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurial Management, or Operations Management.

The Marketing field comprises of subjects such as,

-Marketing Concepts
-Marketing Planning
-Principles of Sales Management
-Market Segmentation
-Advertisement Management
-Brand Management
-Marketing Ethics & many more.. …

In order to master in area of MBA Marketing, listing below few of the finest books for MBA-Marketing.

Best books for MBA-MArketing:-


 1. Marketing Concepts & Strategies- O.C.Ferell

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The book revolves around financial analysis in Marketing as well as present sample marketing plan. It explains relationship between market & the environment, buyer behaviour & target market selection, product decisions, distribution decisions, pricing decisions etc.

2. Marketing Research- Rajendra Nargundkar

marketing books
The book contains large number of case studies for better understanding of students. It is considered as one of the best books for marketing practioners.

3. Marketing Ethics- George G. Brenkert

marketing book The book explores integral relations of marketing & morality, ethical tools as well as marketing framework. One can get their concepts thoroughly clear with the marketing ethics.

4. Advertising Management- David, John, Rajeev

marketing books The book gives a brief introduction on Advertising Management, Advertising Management & Decision Making. It also encompasses global marketing & advertising, brand equity, image & personality & many such topics.

5. Advertising Management- Bir Singh

marketing books The book covers advertising in marketing, media planning, advertising campaign, media strategy, advertising organisation, public relations etc.

6. Strategic Brand Management- Issac Jacob

marketing books The book provides comprehensive knowledge on brands & brands management, brand positioning, developing a brand equity measurement, managing brands etc.3

In the interesting times that we live in today, the meaning of success is different for different people. What seems to an individual as an achievement may not be so for someone else. But on a more general level, being able to convince other people your ideas and influence their action is what broadly defines success.

This ability to influence others requires strong marketing skills – which is quite sought after these days. And this is a skill that can be learnt and developed!

Interested students in Marketing can surely go through the above books to enhance their knowledge further more, & take an in-depth insight in to the area of marketing. For more details on MBA-Marketing please log in to

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