Best Books for Data Structure: Computer Science

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Best Books for Data Structure:

For a lay man, I would put it in this way, “computer science is the science about computers”. It is a separate branch of science relative to the field of computers, covering a wide array of areas such as software systems and applications, software engineering, computer architecture, computer graphics etc.

A computer science is a wizard of computers, its computation and its theory, as well as all the designs of computational systems. Computer scientists create and design various solutions to the problems concerning  to the above factors, mentioned in the first paragraph.

There are many subjects in this field of computer science such as that of Data Structures, data warehousing etc. Data Structure is the subject related to the field of structuring data. This is one of the most important function of a computer scientist because the manner  and the way that the data is structured in the computer does effect its output and efficiency.

Thus data structure is the way and the manner in which data can be organised and structured carefully so as to render it productive, thereby making it more efficient. Thus considering the importance of this subject, here is a list of the following books that are the best in this subject.


(1) Data Structure & Algorithms, By Robert Lafore:

     By Robert Lafore

About the Book: This is the second edition and is written by Robert Lafore, is written in a very clear and easy language, although the subject and the concept of algorithms is tough in itself. This book contains samples, illustrations and problems that are in a very lucid language. in the second edition examples and programs have been rewritten so as to improve its operation.

(2) Data Structure and Abstractions with Java, by Frank M Carrano:

Data structure and algorithms

About the Book: This book is considered to be ideal in the subject of Data Structures, and this book has also proven to be very useful in other departments such computer engineering, management information systems and computer science.  another feature that seems to be catching everybody attention ,is the the language which is very lucid  and the manner of explanation is plain and simple.

(3) Data Structures in C:

Data Structures in C

About the Book: The book main stresses on subjects such as storage, manipulation and representation of data, this book also discusses popular and versatile data structures.

(4) Data Structure and Algorithms, By Alfred V Aho:

Data Structure and Algorithms

About the Book: The author of this book seems to have given very different treatment of the  Algorithms and data structures well as different abstract data types. The author has also emphasise on the analysis of basic algorithms.

(5) Algorithms in C++:

Algorithms in C++

About the Book: The author has written substantially and thoroughly on the topics of Algorithms and data structures, as well as provided comprehensive and current topics and subjects.

We hope the above information comes to the best of your use and help you secure a degree in computer science. please feel free to write back to us.

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