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 What is Digital Electronics:

Digital electronics, also known as Digital Electronic Circuits  is a subject of electronic engineering. Digital Electronics is primarily related to electronic circuits, that make most of our modern day digital devices. These days almost all electronic devices are based on the circuits, whether be it our cellphones, or calculators or our television as well as our DVD players.

These circuits work on the principle of electric pulses, and as the word “electric pulses”, means that electric signals are sent and received at pulse points and not in continuity. So these circuits present and represent electric signals at pulse points and not in continuity.

This concept can also  be understood  in another lucid manner, for e.g. if the current is generated in any device this would be represented by 1 in the circuits and if there is no current present then this is represented by 0. Thus digital electronic circuits work on this above mentioned series of binary number 1 and 0.

Another kind of  example is that of our mobile phones, in which when we speak into it, the electronic circuits convert our voice into electronic pulses(1 and 0) which when further transmitted to another mobile, converts them into into electric pulses too.

This concept of electric pulses is applicable to all the electronic devices, since present day electronic devices mainly use the circuit system.

Thus after explaining the above mentioned concept in detail, almost literally spelling it out, here is a list of books that would help you in understanding this concept:

(1) Digital Electronics: An Introduction to Theory and Practice- William Gothmann H:

Digital Electronics: by William Gothmann

About the Book: This books has been quite popular for bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and it actual practice. This book has also proved itself very useful for learning fundamentals of electrical engineering. The most striking fact is the language that is used, which is very clear and easy to understand.

(2) Digital Electronics- John Morris:


About the Book: This book specifically stresses out on the basic concepts of electrical engineering such as electronic circuitry, the author himself has invented and created a discovery based approach, before publishing the book and this has been mentioned in this book with great detail.

(3) Fundamentals of Digital Circuits- Anand Kumar:


About the Book: The title of the book itself speaks about the book and the author has written this one keeping in mind about the fundamental concepts that would be very useful to all electrical engineering undergraduates. The author has given step by step examples, problems and solutions.

(4) Digital Electronics: Principles and integrated circuits- Anil K Maini:


About the book: This book has been considered and recommended for all the basic concept of electrical engineering, and besides digital electronics there are other advanced topics that are covered such as that of Micro-controllers and integrated circuits. also the language is quite simple and clear.

(5) Digital Electronics and logical design-Jaydeep Chakravorty:

digital electronics and logical design

About the Book: This book also is a good one, which clearly and lucidly explains about all digital electronic concepts such as electronic circuits, binary numbers and systems, integrated circuits and so on.

We hope that we have achieved to clear out the basics such as what is digital electronics, and besides that also put in additional efforts for listing out the books that are the best for this subject. Please feel free to write back to us for any feedback or queries.


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