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Database Management?

In common man language , Database management system means a system to manage the database. Well all said and done, still the question arises as to What is a Database?so as to manage it?


Database means a structured set of data that is collected, accumulated and stored in an organization. This can be accessed by the organization by various means at any time. Thus a database is a collection of data that is structured and organized in a particular manner, so as to suit the needs of the organization. The data required to meet the needs of the organization has to be organized and administered in an efficient way.

Database Management System:

As already mentioned it’s the system that is used to manage the database. A database management system comprises of several programs that allow the organization or the firm to store the data and have access to it in ways suiting itself.

Significance of the Database Management System:

Very crucial for every organization, and a must for those large size corporations, whose need for collecting and storing data just never comes to an end. Not to forget large scale corporation require specialized database management personnel, as well a custom made database management system that suits them.

Uses of Database Management System:

  • Useful for managing, controlling and directing large amounts of data
  • It also fulfills the need for storage and accessibility of the data.
  • Helps in easy accessibility of the data, by the organization.

Some of the examples of a database management system are listed  below :

  • Online railway reservation system
  • Online air ticketing reservation system
  • Computerized inventory and storage systems

Database Management System Models: the following given below are the types of Database Management System:

  • Hierarchy Database Management System
  • Network Database Management System
  • Relational Database Management System
  • Object Oriented Database Management System and
  • Flat file Database Management System

We hope and pray sincerely, that our website has been successful in defining  and explaining the concept of database and database management system. But in addition to this article here are some books that would help you get a better grip over this subject:

(1)Essentials of Database Management Systems- Alexis Leon:

Essentials of Database Management SystemsAbout this book: This books mentions the essentials and the importance of dbms and also focuses on the clarity of these concepts. This book also uses a lucid and simple language which is very beneficial to all computer scince and engineering undergraduates.


(2)A level made simple- introduction to database management system: Satish Jain:

A' Level Made Simple -Introduction To Database Management SystemsAbout this book: This books too represents not one but several discussion and debates about the various types of databases  and this too in a very clear language.  It also covers several other topics like dbms architecture, dbms administration, sql and several other topics related to sql.


Database management systems-G KGupta:

Database Management Systems (English) 1st Edition


About this book: The contents of this book include concepts of database management  and  fundamentals of database management system. This book is considered to be a wholesome for all undergraduates.


(4)Database management systems(special Indian edition)-Toledo:

Database Management Systems


About this book: This book brags about more that 350 solved problems and examples that are written in clear and lucid languare. All these problems and examples have been given on sql, pl, sql and its query optimization.


(5)Database management systems- Raghu Ramakrishnan & Johannes Gehrke:

Database Management Systems (2)


About this book: This book to the point and up to date coverage on all the fundamentals and concepts of database management system. It also contains several coherent illustration and examples.


We wish that are our article and these books come to the best use to you, please write into us for your feedback, comments and queries . we would like to hear it out from you.

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