Best Books for Data Warehousing and Mining

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Best Books for Data Warehousing and Mining:

Data Mining is the procedure for searching out or looking out for patters in a given set of data. These data patterns quiet often prove useful and meaningful,for providing an  insight to whoever is interested in these kind of data patterns. Data patterns are also  very useful in detecting cyber crimes and frauds, they also come in handy to supermarkets and marketing campaigns and projects

One perfect example: would be that where credit card companies, which sometimes make you aware if they find out or suspect that someone besides you are making use of your credit card, like signature not matching.

Data Warehousing:

This is specially related to the warehousing or data , warehousing as we all know its the storage of data, thus its the process of aggregating, accumulating and centralizing data into one source from  many sources in an organization.

Example of data warehousing:on-line social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook. these on-line social media sites gather and collect all the information related to you such as your friends, all those who have sent you friend requests, those who are following you .

Thus Data Mining and Data Processing although belong the same class are very different in concept and i hope the above has cleared this difference in the best possible way, however I would like to conclude this talk with the list of books that for this subject. The following given below is the list of best books for data warehousing and mining.

(1) Data Warehousing, Data Mining & Olap, By Alex Berson & Stephen J Smith:

Data Warehousing

About the Book: it provides theoretical and strategical as well as practical insight into these concepts of data mining and data warehousing. this book also presents how these two concepts can create a new class of information system.

(2) Data Mining Techniques, By Gordon S Linoff & Michael J A Berry:

Data Warehouse Toolkit

About this book: This books gives a very good introduction to all those beginners in the field of computer science, the language used in this book is very clear and lucid.

(3) Data Warehouse  ETL Toolkit, By Ralph Kimball & Joe Casentra:

Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit

About the book: This however is the third edition of the book and it provides good and clear solutions for time and labour intensive data warehousing and mining process and techniques.

(4) Data Mining Concepts and Techniques, By Jiawei Han & Michelin Kamber:

Data mining Concepts and Techniques

About the Book: considered to be very good since all the topics and concepts have been explained very cleary and precisely.

(5) Data Mining: Practical Machine Tools and Techniques, By Ian H Witten & Mark A Hall

Data Mining books

About the Book: defines very clearly about data mining concepts and techniques with real time data mining techniques. This is the third edition and has been highly acclaimed for these two concepts.

We hope the above information will be useful to you please feel free to write back to us any suggestions or comments or even a feedback.

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