Best Books on Computer Graphics

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Best Books on Computer Graphics:

In present times I don’t even need to stress on the fact, regarding the significance and the importance of computer and computer graphics. Since the inception of the laptop, laptop because I have never owned a desktop, (my first computer was a Hewlett Packard laptop), there has not been a day, seriously not even a day that I could live without it.

Even today my Laptop, my Blackberry and my Tablet make my day, I know the time when something went wrong with my laptop and I had to do without it for a week. This was like living a nightmare, not even dreaming it, but living it. The wait for it to be repaired and to get back in my lap would just not come to an end and just to do away with this feeling, I used to work in the office some additional hours trying to make good the suffering.

However all said and done, the fact still remains the same that A computer without a graphics card or a computer without computer graphics would just be like an ordinary machine that were invented in its initial days.

Can you imagine a computer that has no access to videos, images, no twitter, no YouTube, no games , i don’t want to even think about such a device, in these present days. So this is the power of computer graphics.

After having said so much of it here are some additional books that would help you know more about computer graphics.

(1) Computer Graphics (Special Indian Edition) 2nd Edition-  Plastock, Xiang & Avadhani:

Computer Graphics

About the Book: This book of computer graphics has been designed for all undergraduates in the field of computer science and engineering, as well as all those who are pursuing an advance level in the subject of computer graphics. This text provides detail and in depth study of the 2 dimension and the 3 dimension graphics and images. also the syntax that has been used in the book is in the C language.

(2) Computer Graphics: C Version, 2nd edition- Donald D Hearn & M Pauline Baker:

Computer Graphics

About the Book: This text has been  greatly considered and comes highly recommended for all the students of computer science, computer science engineering. This book also comprises of in depth analysis and detailed discussion of all the aspects of computer graphics as well as computer graphics algorithms. The author himself has been teaching this subject for quiet some time  and has several other publications, accredited to him.

(3) Computer Graphics : Principles & Practice in C (English) 2nd Edition- Andries Van Dam:

Computer Graphics Principles & Practice in C

About the Book: This text book has been considered to be as one of the most authoritative, comprehensive and illustrative text for all graduates in the field of computer science and engineering. This text also contains detailed information for 2D and 3D computer graphics algorithms, besides this there are many advance topics too that have been covered in gravity.

(4) Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Animation, 2nd Edition- Pakhira K Malay:

Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Animation

About the Book: This is the second edition of the book and has been written, keeping in mind as a guide to help the students understand sound principles and concepts about computer graphics and multimedia as well as computer animation. The book also covers all the basics of computer graphics and computer animations, thus making it easy to understand and grasp the subject.

(5) Computer Graphics For Cs & It Branches- Adesh K Pandey:

Computer Graphics For Cs & It Branches

About the Book: This also being a very comprehensive text on computer graphics and animation has been written in a very clear and lucid language. This book has been written and published keeping in mind the course contents and syllabus for undergraduates and post graduates for computer engineering.

We hope our website would be of some use as well as a guide to all those looking for books on computer graphics.


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