BEEE 2015 Syllabus,Exam Pattern

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As mentioned in our earlier article on BEEE 2015 Eligibility Criteria, Important Dates things like the Eligibility Criteria, Important Dates, How to apply for BEEE 2015, the Exam Centers for BEEE 2015 have been discussed previously with complete details. Now let us discuss about the Syllabus needed to study for BEEE 2015.

BEEE 2015 Syllabus

The BEEE 2015 entrance exam shall consist of three main subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and the fourth section comprising of English is also included in it. Given below is a brief lining up of the Syllabus.

Physics Syllabus

  1. Units and Measurement
  2. Mecbanics
  3. Gravitation
  4. Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
  5. Oscillations and Wave Motion
  6. Heat and Thermodynamics
  7. Ray and Wave Optics and Magnetism
  8. Electricity and Magnetism
  9. Atomic Physics and Relativity
  10. Dual Nature of Matter and Nuclear Physics
  11. Electronjcs and Communication

Mathematics Syllabus

  1. Sets
  2. Relations and Functions
  3. Complex Numbers
  4. Matrices and Determinants
  5. Applications of Matrices and Determinants
  6. Quadratic Equations
  7. Permutations and Combinations
  8. Mathematical Induction and its Applications
  9. Binomial Theorem and Its Applications
  10. Sequences and Series
  11. Differential Calculus
  12. Applications of Differential Calculus
  13. Integral Calculus
  14. Differential Equations
  15. Straight Lines in Two Dimensions
  16. Circles in Two Dimensions
  17. Conic Sections in Two Dimensions
  18. Vector Algebra
  19. Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
  20. Probability
  21. Trigonometry

Chemistry Syllabus

  1. Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry
  2. States of Matter
  3. Chemical Families
  4. Periodic Properties
  5. Atomic Structure
  6. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  7. Solutions
  8. Chemical Equilibrium
  9. Electro chemistry
  10. Surface Chemistry
  11. Chemical Kinetics and Catalysts
  12. Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
  13. Hydrocarbons
  14. Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
  15. Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
  16. Polymers
  17. Chemistry in Everyday Life

BEEE 2015-Exam Pattern

  • BEEE 2015 entrance exam is allotted a time duration of 3 hours (180 minutes)
  • Total number of questions being asked in the exam is 100 with four sections & each section carrying 25 questions.
  • Sections such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & English are considered.

Hope these tips on Exam Patter as well as the syllabus help you to score well. Candidates scoring above average are allotted admission to various Colleges/ Universities in Ooty, Chennai & Pondicherry.

For any sort of query please do not hesitate to ask us. Good luck 🙂

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