On becoming a Career Counselor

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On becoming a Career Counselor
One stage comes in ever person’s life where in he/she needs to be provided with counselling from the experts. Normally a person gets expert’s advice on different occasions such as career, marriage, health,children etc. Let us focus on the prime counseling which everyone comes across on most occasion i.e. Career  Counseling. A person who provides experts advice & guidelines is known as a Career Counselor.

Career Counselors work with clients to help prepare for hunting jobs by preparing a resume, teaching interview techniques, handing out tips, as well as identifying career opportunities. They very well know how to extract the best of talent & identify the exact skills of persons.

Eligibility for a Career Counselor

Persons vying to become a Career Counselor must have passed High School further they can opt for Bachelor’s in Psychology or Sociology . The course shall involve methods in psychology, behavioral & social sciences and an introduction to psychology as a career. Students can also apply for internship in the undergraduate College which shall prove to be as a great opportunity.

Along with that, Career Counselors must possess a Master’s Degree in counselling. Advantage of pursuing a Master’s Degree is that, it focuses on counseling techniques, assessment, career development,research & human development & the related growth.

Once a person is done with acquiring the required educational background, if he/she wishes to open up a private clinic, then they must acquire official license. One needs to fulfill some specific requirements available at the National Board for Certified Counselor’s website.

One can appear for National Counselor’s Examination to be a “National Certified Counselor”. The basic aim of the examination is to test the candidate’s knowledge of counselling techniques, assessments & evaluations

Nature of work of a Career Counselor

A Professional Career Counselor may work with an organization or might work as an independent practitioner. One can look out for work in schools, colleges, social services offices, employment & staffing agencies etc.

If one opts for starting a private clinic then various marketing skills can be adopted such as preparing business cards, taking out ads, creating hubbub about the new office.

On reaching one stage, one might take up a genre or create a niche for him/herself. One might specialize counseling troubled teenagers, collegians, students experiencing a life transition etc. A counselor needs to keep him/herself updated about the latest trends or improvements taking place round the globe. Involve oneself in reading, attending seminars, examining different types of clients etc.

A counselor must assess his client thoroughly & try to listen as much as possible. A counselor must be open to all sorts of thoughts & must think positively at any stage as well as urge his/her client to do the same.

 Salary of a Career Counselor

To start with, a career counselor can demand Rs. 1.50 per annum. On gaining enough of experience & dealing with number of clients per day, the pay increases.

To end with, a counselor must offer all sorts & possible means of services whenever required & help the clients to find their lost direction. Help us with your review & suggestions. 🙂

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