How to become a Perfume Designer?

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How to become a Perfume Designer?

Who does’nt love the aura of a sweet smell around us? Imagine working for creating that same smell!! This can’t be more interesting.. People designing or deciding upon the particular smell of a perfume are known as Perfume Designers or Perfumers.

Basically, Perfume Designers create different smells all together to come up with something new. Designing a perfume is not an easy cakewalk. It requires mixing many more chemicals which in turn react to form one.  It necessarily requires knowledge of Science, keeping up with the new trends, adopting several marketing strategies and last but not the least possessing a very good nose for typical aroma.

This surely seems to be a challenging job at the same time it is creative enough since a lot many fragrances are developed every year and the perfume designer makes various attempts to develop the fragrance all the more.

Eligibility criteria required to become a Perfume Designer

How to become a Perfume Designer?Candidates interested in becoming a Perfume Designer or a Perfumer need to be a Graduate or hold a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Chemistry or Chemical Engineering or the related field. Normally people take up with laboratory courses to get hands-on experience while conducting experiments.

Nature of work of a Perfume Designer

To start with, one can smell through sampling different fragrances. One can think over different fragrances used in the samples there by & come up with some innovative tricks to mix two different fragrances.

Perfume Designers must know how to create longer or shorter base notes otherwise saying how to create a scent that lasts for a long time. One should also get into Marketing, as this shall help them knowing about all the popular perfumes as well as their brands.

One can take up a job under a Professional Perfume Designer & gain enough experience. Most perfumers get to learn their trade on the job.

One can start a career as an intern or entry-level researcher in the Research & Development Department (R & D) . One can therefore be sent for specialized training in perfume design.

Salary of a Perfume Designer

Initially a perfume designer can earn as much as Rs.328500/- per month which shall increase gradually with experience. The salary differs from one company to the other as well as educational background, leadership skills, administrative skills etc..

So interested people just think about..Who knows you could be the next mastermind behind a famous personality’s perfume. Let your perfume’s name shine along the lines of Louis Vuitton 🙂

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