How to become a Company Secretary

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How to become a Company Secretary:

The Commerce stream comprises of several alternatives and options, amongst which the most prominent ones which dominate are Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary. Although, quiet often they are mistaken to be the same but still differ in every way.

A Chartered Accountant is a person who is responsible for auditing (inspecting, examining) the books of accounts, while the Company Secretary stands on a completely different footing. A Company Secretary is the person who is solely responsible to oversee and administer, as to whether the Company (public or private) complies with all the corporate rules and regulations.

The duty and responsibility heavily lies on the shoulders of the Company secretary to deal with the above mentioned. The Company secretary is supposed to issue notifications and circulars, whenever its mandatory required. He is also responsible to conduct the Board Meeting of the Directors and record all the detail and the information with respect to it (such as that of the Minutes of the Meetings)

The Company Secretary has also required to see as to whether proper notices and circulars have been issued to all the directors, both residing in India as well as abroad, for the above mentioned purpose. He is also required to see that he properly authenticates and authorizes the financial statements (such as the profit and loss a/c, the balance sheet, cash flows etc) before the annual general meeting of the shareholders.

Thus to put it in another words, the Company secretary has to act as a bridge amongst the shareholders who have provided capital to the company and the management (which includes the directors, managers and other employees)

How to become a Company Secretary:

(a)After the 10+2:

  • There are several ways to become a Company Secretary in India, a potential candidate can either join this course after completing and qualifying his 12th Std HSC Board Examinations.
  • After completing their 10+2 HSC Board Examination the student can enroll himself or herself for the Foundation Course/Program.
  • Every student or candidate, who has enrolled, will have to pass and qualify for the foundation program entrance exam before he can go to the next level of exam (Executive Program)

(b)After the Completion of the Graduation:

  • A Candidate can also enroll himself for the Company Secretary Course in India after he or she has completed their graduation examination.
  • Here every candidate is required to enroll himself or herself for the Executive program, after he or she has completed their graduation and has to appear for the Executive program. This is also an entrance examination which has to qualified by every student so as to go to the final stage of the Company Secretary Course (Professional Program)

(c)Professional Program:

  • This is the final stage of the Company Secretary course which every student or candidate can come to only after he or she has passed out both the above stages. Here also there will be an entrance examination which will have to be passed out by every student.

(d)Training Program:

  • There is also a 15 month training program which is a kind of internship, where the Candidate has to work under a practicing Company Secretary or a Company to know all about the Course.
  • After the completion of the above mentioned, a person is fully qualified as a Company Secretary in India.

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