How to become a Commercial Pilot?

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Commercial Pilot’s profession is considered to be the most glamorous of all. The profession  looks really fancy & adventurous but undoubtedly it requires immense training & sufficient skills. This career is believed to attract many of youngsters from across the globe where in one gets to travel all over the world.

This sort of job demands knowledge about air navigation, correct interpretation of meteorological reports, getting to know mechanical  & electronic controls even under adverse circumstances.

Eligibility criteria for Commercial Pilot

Candidates need to possess Student Pilot License (SPL). Candidates necessarily need to be of atleast 16 years to register at a flying club being recognized by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India.  Candidates must have passed 10+2 examination. 

It involves examination of Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation & many more. On completion of these examination a candidate is provided with SPL. Thereafter candidates need to obtain Private Pilot License (PPL). The training includes sixty hours of flying. A candidate must have attained the age of 17 along with a medical fitness Certificate issued by the Armed Forces Central Medical Establishment (AFCME) in order to apply for PPL.

In the last stage, the Commercial Pilot License shall be made available only after PPL has been acquired. To attain Commercial Pilot License (CPL) 250 hours of flying is required. Candidates also need to go through Medical Fitness Test. During the flight, pilot must know the skill how to maintain the control, keeping touch with the cabin crew through out the flight. A record of flight details must also be maintained.

Job Opportunities for Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilots have a chance to shine in Government as well as Private (Domestic & International ) Airlines. One can start as a Trainee Pilot on acquiring CPL. The seniority position progresses from that of a Commander or Captain to Senior Commander.

Salary of Commercial Pilot

Salary of a Commercial Pilot depends on the grade level of the positions. They normally get high salaries & incentives. Along with that they are also entitled to additional perks like housing facilities, medical & out-station allowances, free/concessional air passages etc. They earn as much as Rs.40000/- to Rs.150000/- per month depending on the airline & one’s experience.

Institutes offering course in Commercial Pilot

  • Advance Diploma in Aviation Management
  • Air Transport Pilot’s License
  • BTEC in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management
  • Certificate course in Aviation Studies
  • Diploma in Global Aviation & Hospitality Management

Flying Clubs for Commercial Pilot in India

  1. Bihar Flying Institute, Patna
  2. Aero Sports, Thrissur (Kerala)
  3. Rajiv Gandhi National Flying Institute, Gondia (Maharashtra)
  4. Madras Flying Club Limited, Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
  5. Government Flying Training School, Bangalore

Interested candidates looking forward on How to become a Commercial Pilot?  must look out for the eligibility criteria in advance & apply there by. Contribute to our article & let us know your sincere feedback. 🙂

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