How to become an Art Investor?

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how to become an art investor

An investment is usually a small portion of an investment portfolio. An Art Investor is a person who is in a bid to purchase a piece of art & preserve it for years or decades while it is being appreciated & sell it years later at a profit.Art surely has got some unique qualities that other investments have not got. As in it can be hung on the wall & admired for years all together. It is also not needed to be declared to the government in terms of capital gains when sold by an individual unlike the sale of stocks or bonds.

It should be kept in mind that, an investment does not necessarily results in profits, since it completely depends on constantly changing demands fashion surrounding in the world.

One must start with some experience or interest in art:

A true art investor will always do research on the pieces of art he/she is willing to buy, there by one needs to have a clear knowledge about the art. One must also develop some important contacts with people like auctioneers, gallery directors, dealers etc. Please note that art collectors do not buy art for investment purposes, art investors seek to diversify their portfolio with their art investment.

Figure out your willingness to pay for an art work before you reach an auction site:

Art investments are a part of your investment portfolio since we ending up paying huge bucks for them. Figure out what your range is to invest & do consult investors & art dealers.

Stress your art investments on fine art paintings rather than decorative arts:

It is a known fact that paintings from successful artists tend to fetch better returns than sculptures & installation art.

Go only for trusted auction houses & dealers when you are willing to buy the art:

Beware of fake auctioneers or art dealers who promise too high returns on art prices.

Buy your art pieces when you feel confident of its worth, price as well as its ability to grow.

One should not how to store the art properly. Along with that one must get his art work appraised from time to time.

Renting out one’s art investment is an amazing idea which can strike in one’s mind. But make sure renters provide insurance for your precious art work.

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