Basic Questions about MBA

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basic questions about mba

While applying for MBA, many questions arise in an aspirant’s mind so as to what is MBA all about. Here we are to clear all sorts of doubts & present before you a flawless image of MBA.The first & foremost question that shall strike anyone’s mind is the duration about the MBA course.

Here we list down a few basic questions about the MBA facts.

How long does it take to complete the MBA Program or what is the duration of an MBA Degree & How much does an MBA Program cost usually?

Normally full-fledged MBA Programs last for duration of two years. However one year MBA Programs are also available. The cost to cover up an MBA Program from a reputed B-School is around Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs.

Do MBAs lead to a higher Degree later on?

The MBA Degree is designed primarily for students who are considering a career change or hoping to advance in their careers. MBA can be pursued even after completion of any other Master’s Degree or Doctorate Degree. Post MBA Plans are usually career oriented.

Most schools offer full time & part time MBAs. Can I choose either of them?

A full time MBA Program is usually four semesters spread over two academic years. The first includes core courses required in MBA. The second year allows for functional specialization.

Part time MBA Programs are designed for the working professionals.  In majority cases most of the part time MBA aspirants work full-time during the day & attend classes in the evening.

What are the differences between an MBA and an EMBA?

Executive MBA Programs (EMBA) focus towards enhancing the careers of working executives. In majority cases these programs are company sponsored.

Normally these programs are for professionals who already specialize in the field or industry & need to improve upon their general management skills to grow within the corporate ladder. These professionals are not in for the internship programs. Moreover there is limited or no scope to specialize.

Specialty Programs in business are very career specific, which is not the case in EMBA.

What are joint Programs?

A full time MBA which goes on simultaneously with another full time Graduate Program is known as Joint Degree or Dual Degree. Business Programs are normally combined with law, healthcare, administration, engineering, technology, international studies or may be public policy. Students must apply separately for each of the program.

Are there any age limit criteria for MBA?

One should take a deep look at the nature of the MBA Program first of all. But what matters is students usually implying inadequate or excessive career experience for MBA Programs, that way MBA would be less valuable to such applicants.

Hope majority of your doubts must have been solved with these Basic Questions about MBA . Still if you have any, please feel free to write us. Good luck!!

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