Bank Clerk exam: Tips to score well

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In order to appear for the banking examinations, it is really important that one gets to know about the online exam pattern & need not worry about the process of going through exam & plan your strategy accordingly.

Many of the candidates might face difficulty as this might be the first time that they are appearing for an online banking exam. Thus it becomes very important for such candidates to get a glimpse of the whole process which shall allow them to focus entirely on attempting the questions, thereby giving right answers.

Introduction to the online test pattern:

The candidate shall get a User ID & Password as soon as one enters the examination hall. Candidates need to use them while the log in screen appears in front of them. Candidates shall be provided with 2 hours (2 hours 15 minutes for SBI exam) duration to attempt the exam which consists of 200 questions carrying five alternatives each.

On clicking on “I am ready to begin” , the stipulated time of the candidates shall begin. The questions shall appear one at a time & the candidates are provided with an option to choose for the language between English or Hindi.

For answering any question, candidates need to mouse click on the desired answer & click “Save & Next” Button in order to proceed to next question. The examination shall come to an end, when the candidates click “submit” button at the end of the stipulated time period.

Here are a few tips to score well in bank exam.

Tips to score well in clerical exam:

  1. Administering time to the fullest:
    Time management is of utmost importance for appearing in online banking exam. Candidates need to work on questions one at a time & that is why they would not get a chance to glance through all the questions in the very beginning & start from where ever they want. If the candidate seems to be doubtful regarding a particular question, he/she should leave it & move on to next question by clicking ‘Mark for review & Next’ ¬†button so that the candidate can return back to the same question later, once they are done with the other questions.
  2. Analyzing the question paper:
    Candidates can navigate between the questions by clicking on the question number that is displayed on the right hand side of the screen. It is advisable to go sequentially as it saves much of the time. If a candidate feels like solving the question later on he/she can do so which shall save the time.
  3. Marking answers carefully:
    When a candidate is about to mark an answer, please make sure that you are confident enough about the answer. Every wrong answer accounts to negative marking which shall in turn decrease your overall score. On the right hand side of your screen one can see the number of questions colored in different shades to make out, The answered questions turn green, & the properly marked questions would turn violet. One can easily understand through the colors about the status of the paper & act accordingly.
  4. Getting well-versed with the subjects:
    There are in all 5 sections each carrying equal weightage of 40 marks. Hence it is necessary to undergo all the questions & score well individually in the papers.
  5. Feel Confident about yourself:
    Candidates are provided with the rough sheets to perform the necessary rough work. One must feel confident while attempting the questions. It is important to cross check the facts & the sheet helps in doing so. A suitable confidence level builds up a good environment to attempt more number of questions.

Aspirants must go through the above thumb rules & implement them as much as possible in order to score well..!!
Please send in your feedback or suggestions for the same. All the Best!!



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