Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Vs Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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Which is better course – B.Com or BBA?


Students in India usually don’t give over much time to think before they decide to take admission in a course. Most of the students go through avoiding/elimination method, that is, they avoid or overlook the things they think they are not good at. As far as commerce stream in class 11th and class 12th is concern, the priority lies in getting a job early. Many of the students get into commerce stream without any understanding, most of them opt for it with MBA as a future plan.

Both the degree courses have their own importance and prospects. However, B.Com can lead to various option of post graduation specializations and BBA on the other hand, can only lead to MBA. Here are a few points differentiating the two degrees:


B.Com– Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (B.Com) is a three-year degree is a traditional post-class 12 option in India, similar to Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts (BA).

BBA– Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year degree, focusing highly on developing business skills. Theoretical education is backed up with practical experience which may include summer internships, industry visits, presentations and case studies.

Study Focus

B.Com– In B.Com they focus on basic accounting and finance more with theory subjects.

BBA– In BBA they focus on General Management – Business Administration.


Both the degrees have their own contents and subjects:

B.Com– comprises of Accounting & Finance management, Cost management, Auditing, Economics, Human Resource, Export Management, Industrial Psychology etc.,

BBA– comprises of Marketing, Finance, Human resource, Business & Industrial law, Business mathematics, Business ethics, Management, Operations & Research, International business, Public relations management, Export-Import business, Retail management etc.,

Career Prospects

B.Com– B.Com provides you various career prospects after graduation. Thus, the demand for commerce graduates are not that in demand but the course is general in nature and offered in the top institutes in India. students have a wider choice in higher studies as compared to BBA.

BBA– BBA is like wise a general management degree though the market demands for this course is a bit more as compared to You need to do a specialization in management higher studies to get a good start to your career.

Higher Studies

The first course that comes to mind for higher studies is MBA as you go for any of the degree.

B.Com– There are many options after for example Accounting & Finance, Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accounting, Financial Analyst, MBA-Finance, M.Com, Company Secretary and MBA (Regular streams) or P.G. Diploma in Management.

BBA– After BBA there is only one main stream option i.e. MBA (Regular streams) or P.G. Diploma in Management.

Lastly, which one to choose or BBA?

B.Com – B.Com is for students who are good in accounting and would like to have different choice of subjects for higher studies later such as Economics, MBA, Industrial Psychology, HR, Export-Import etc.,

BBA– BBA is for students who are determined to make a career in management and take up MBA or Management related degrees as their higher studies option.

Hopefully these points will help you to choose which degree course you should opt for.

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