B.Sc Optometry

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What is meant by “Optometry?”

The word ‘Optos’ means eye or vision & ‘Metria’ refers to measurement. Optics is a special branch of science which refers to structure, function as well as working of the human eye. The professionals who are indulged in this field are known as “Optometrists”. Optometrists are eye specialists & deal in eye testing & providing solutions to patients those who suffer from partial sight, hereditary vision defects, squint, weakening of eye muscles etc..

Optometrists perform the task of suggesting the proper use of visual aids such as spectacles or contact lenses. Along with it they provide pre-operative or post operative care to cataract patients. Through this article we have come up to provide information on B.Sc Optometry. Let us look into the details for B.Sc Optometry.

How to get into the field of Optometry?

  • It is important that candidates possess a Degree in the field of Optometry B.Sc (Optom)
  • It is a four year degree course where by first three years shall comprise of learning followed by one year of internship.
  • In order to apply for B.Optom course, candidates must have cleared HSC with a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
  • Candidates need to appear for EYECET entrance examination.

Necessary skills

It would be beneficial if the optometrist possess skills such as manual dexterity, patience & confidence. other than that they should carry good vision, mechanical aptitude, dedication, self-discipline, co-ordination etc.. An optometrist is known in true sense when he/she is able to provide close details to every aspect bagged by excellent judgement.

Job opportunities

Optometrists have a chance to work in government hospitals as well as private clinics. After a few years of experience they can start their own practice. Candidates interested in teaching field can also apply for Ph.D & apply in any teaching College.

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