B.Sc Optometry Syllabus

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In our past two articles we had discussed on the topic Optometry where by we included topics like B.Sc OptometryB.Sc Optometry Colleges in IndiaNow it is time that we discuss the B.Sc Optometry Syllabus. Syllabus for Optometry is elaborate & includes many topics all together. Let us have a look at the B.Sc Optometry Syllabus.

B.Sc Optometry Syllabus

  • Basic Accountancy
  • Clinical Psychological
  • Community & Occupational Optometry
  • Computer Basics
  • Contact Lens
  • Functional English & Communication
  • Geriatric Optometry & Pediatric Optometry
  • General Biochemistry & Ocular Biochemistry
  • General Physiology & Ocular Physiology
  • General Anatomy & Ocular Anatomy
  • Geometrical Optics
  • Hospital Procedures
  • Law & Optometry
  • Low vision Aids
  • Mathematics
  • Nutrition
  • Ocular diseases and eye & systematic diseases
  • Optometric  & dispensing optics
  • Optometric Instruments & Clinical Examintion of Visual System
  • Pathology & Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Physical Optics
  • Public Relation
  • Research methodology & Statistics
  • Squint & Binocular vision
  • Visual optics

Thus, the Optometrists have a chance to work in government hospitals as well as private clinics. After a few years of experience they can start their own practice. Candidates interested in teaching field can also apply for Ph.D & apply in any teaching College.

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