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Commerce is considered as one of the important streams in India after Science & Arts. Commerce is by far considered as exchange of goods & services against money in modern times. Previously barter system used to exist. It won’t be wrong to say as the years are passing the importance of commerce as a stream has increased with the integration of the world economy.

Commerce can be taken up right after Class X. Commerce is available as an option in 10+2 or Higher Secondary Level. Further it makes way for higher studies in commerce related subjects. B.Com Course (Bachelor of Commerce) is one such course which shall provide extensive growth to a student’s career. It offers specializations in the areas of;

  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Business & Industry
  • Government Services
  • Law

B.Com Course has also thrown open doors for Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) & Bachelor in Business Management (BBM). B.Com Course can be followed up by M.Com course (Master of Commerce) at numerous Universities & Colleges through out India. Check out the Top 10 Colleges for Commerce HERE

B.Com Course covers up various Commerce subjects which can be studied under the disciplines of Commerce with the likes of Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics, Business finance etc.

Commerce Subjects

Most Commerce Colleges in India offer the following subjects for B.Com Course.

  1. Business Economics : This particular subject shall cover topics like laws of demand & supply, law of returns, elasticity, theory of pricing in different market forms etc.
  2. Financial Accounting : This subject is all about preparation of profit & loss statements, balance sheets, final accounts of the company, Indian v/s International accounting standards, calculation of depreciation, valuation of shares, goodwill of the company etc..
  3. Cost Accounting : Process, Job & Contract costing are a part of this particular subject. Moreover it includes costing of overheads, standard & variance costing & budgetary control.
  4. Income Tax : One deals with the nature & basis of charge of income tax, tax planning, tax deduction, incomes not taxable etc..
  5. Auditing : It comprises of valuation & verification of transactions, assets as well as liabilities. The practical training involves audit of different organizations like clubs, hospitals, charitable trusts etc.
  6. Business Finance : The Management of working capital, its components as well as capital leverages are dealt in business finance.
  7. Business Law : Various laws carried out in India pertaining to Companies Act, Consumer Protection Act etc are covered up.
  8. Marketing : Marketing is all about the pricing methods, products, promotion, channels of distribution, logistics etc..

Careers in Commerce

Professional Careers can be sought in the field of commerce such as Tax Practitioners, Banking, Broking, Accountancy etc..

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