ATMA 2017 Exam Pattern

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ATMA 2017 Exam Pattern

AIMS precisely known as The Association of Indian Management Schools was established in 1988 & is popular as one of the largest networks of Management Institutes in the world carrying along 600 members. AIMS is responsible to conduct AIMS-Test for Management Admissions (ATMA). ATMA has been approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India for admission on All India Basis to the MBA / PGDM and other Postgraduate Programmes like MCA.

On appearing for ATMA entrance exam one can move for Masters in Management or Post Graduate management studies. ATMA conducts exam multiple times in a year. This entrance test is conducted so as to enroll students to various Management Programs which are being run by the Member Management Institutes of the AIMS. The main aim of conducting this entrance test is to examine or assess a management applicant from various parameters all together such as his/her comprehension abilities, verbal reasoning capacities, analyzing & synthesizing capabilities and numerical reasoning abilities.

ATMA 2017 Exam Pattern

The ATMA 2017 Syllabus includes

  • Quantitative Skills – I
  • Quantitative Skills – II
  • Verbal Skills – I
  • Verbal Skills – II
  • Analytical Reasoning Skills – I
  • Analytical Reasoning Skills – II

The marks for each subject are given as follows :

  1. Quantitative Skills – I : 30
  2. Verbal Skills – I : 30
  3. Analytical Reasoning Skills – I : 30
  4. Quantitative Skills – II : 30
  5. Verbal Skills – II : 30
  6. Analytical Reasoning Skills – II : 30
  • Each question shall be followed by four possible answers . One needs to choose the best answer possible and click on that number.
  • The questions in the test are numbered serially starting at 1 and ending at 180.
  • It is really important that all the candidates read the instructions very clearly before attempting the answers.
  • Time should be allotted wisely within the limits given.  On an average there would be one minute available for each question for verbal skills and just one minute for analytical reasoning skills and quantitative skills.
  • ATMA has been designed as a standard benchmark test with high quality and academic rigor.

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