ATMA 2016 Syllabus

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ATMA 2016 Syllabus

In our last article ATMA 2016 Application Procedure we had mentioned about the ATMA 2016 Eligibility Criteria, ATMA 2016 Important Dates, ATMA 2016 Application Procedure. In order to prepare well, candidates must study the ATMA 2016 Syllabus in detail. A thorough study of the ATMA 2016 Syllabus shall enable the candidates to score well in the entrance exam. Let us take a look at the same.

ATMA 2015 Exam Pattern

The structure of ATMA 2016 is divided into 3 broad sections namely;

  1. Analytical Reasoning Skills
  2. Verbal Skills
  3. Quantitative Skills

Total 60 questions are being asked per section. Total 180 questions are being asked within a time duration of 180 minutes (3 hours) The exam pattern alone cannot help candidates to score well hence ATMA 2016 Syllabus is highly essential to get to know what all questions can be framed for ATMA 2016 entrance exam.

ATMA 2016 Syllabus

1. Analytical Reasoning Skills:

In this section,situations are framed in a way to trigger your mind for logical reasoning.Mainly the topics covered are:

  • Coding -Decoding
  • Blood relations
  • Visual reasoning
  • Verbal logic
  • Data sufficiency and
  • logical reasoning

To crack this section one needs to read carefully. One should be thorough with logical aspects & concepts dealing with. Do read all the options before answering the questions.One of the good strategies is that to divide your time and practice analytical reasoning questions presenting in chart or diagram form.

  2. Quantitative Skills:

In this section,mainly mathematical questions are asked.The topcis included are:

  • Number system
  • Average
  • Percentages
  • Profit and Loss
  • Time,Speed and Distance
  • Co-ordinate  Geometry

Adopt short-cut method to lengthy and difficult questions.Apart from this, one can take an expert advise on the topics related & get it through.And keep yourself updated by reading blogs and forums.

3.  Verbal skills:

This section is ruled by Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension which are mentioned below:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Synonyms
  • Grammar
  • Antonyms
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Odd one out
  • Error correction
  • Phrases
  • Series Completion

Do have a strategy of your own depending on the area of interest ,personal attitude,comprehension skills,difficulty level of comprehension.There are various mock tests available in the market,appear for such tests and observe where are you lacking. Time management is of utmost importance in such competitive exams. Candidates are required to deal with it with utmost care by keeping a tab on it. Regular practice sessions shall improve the same.

We hope this information on ATMA 2016 Exam Pattern & ATMA 2016 Syllabus serves your purpose & helps you to prepare well for ATMA 2016. Please get back to us in case you face any query or doubts.

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