AMIE 2014 Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

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AMIE 2014 Mechanical Engineering Syllabus:

The Institute of Engineers (India), which is also known as the IEI is the supreme most Engineering body in India. The Institution of Engineers is the only Professional institute, which is comprising of more than half a million members, who are Engineers.

The Institute of Engineers offers and provides membership through the AMIE Examinations. The Acronyms stands for the Associate Membership of the Institute of Engineers (India). These Examinations are conducted 2 times in the year, once in the month of June and the second in the month of December.

The Syllabus for the AMIE Examinations, comprise of the following Sections, given below:
-Section A (for the Non Diploma Scheme)
-Section A (for the Diploma Scheme)
-Section B Examination

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Here is the AMIE 2014 Mechanical Engineering Syllabus:

Compulsory Subjects:
-IC 402 Engineering Management
-MC 403 Mechanics of Solids
-MC 404 Mechanics of Fluids
-MC 405 Thermal Science
-MC 406 Manufacturing Technology
-MC 407 Design of Machine Elements

Optional Subjects (Any 3 from any 1 Group)

Group 1: Thermal Engineering
-MC 411 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
-MC 412 Power Plant Engineering
-MC 713 Non Conventional Energy
-MC 414 Internal Combustion Engines
-MC 415 Turbo Machinery

Group 2: Engineering Design
-MC 421 Design of Mechanical Systems
-MC 422 Optimization – Theory and Applications
-MC 423 Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms and Machines
-MC 424 Design of Machine Tools
-MC 425 Computer Aided Engineering Design

Group 3: Manufacturing Engineering
-MC 431 Manufacturing Science
-MC 432 Computer Aided Manufacturing
-MC 433 Tool and Die Design
-MC 434 Manufacturing Automation
-MC 435 Production Management

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AMIE 2014 Mechanical Engineering Syllabus PDF

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