AMCAT 2015

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AMCAT 2015:

The AMCAT Test actually spells out “Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test”, is an Aptitude Test which is conducted by “Aspiring Minds Assessment Pvt Ltd”. This company was incorporated and co-founded by 2 individuals: Varun Aggarwal & Himanshu Aggarwal in the year 2007.

The company has its Head Office situated at Gurgaon but also has many branches and offices all across major cities in India. The AMCAT was primarily crafted and constructed to bring out the best within all the candidates who are taking the test.

The AMCAT is an aptitude test, which seeks to measure the “Analytical, Mathematical & Reasoning Skills” of all the Candidates who are intending to take the test. The AMCAT is one kind of statistical measurement or assessment of all the potential and capability of the candidate.

To put it in another words, the AMCAT is one type of platform for measuring and analyzing candidates and their capabilities & skill. The AMCAT Aptitude Test is thus one kind of a Benchmark or Threshold, which used by all Engineering, Tech, companies to recruit new, fresh and good talent at entry level positions.

Nature of the AMCAT 2015 Test:

The AMCAT 2015 test is conducted in two modules (i)the Compulsory Module and (ii)the Optional Module.

(i)Compulsory Module: The “Compulsory Module” is primarily designed and crafted to assess and evaluate the Aptitude, Reasonability & Logical Aspects of all the Candidates taking the test.

The Compulsory Module section of the AMCAT 2015 Test comprises of several topics / sections namely: English Comprehension, Reasoning, Logical Ability & Quantitative Ability. All candidates taking the Compulsory Module, will have to answer questions relative to the above mentioned topics.

(ii)Optional Module: The “Optional Module” is primarily designed to assess and analyze the skills and potential of the candidate, relative to the nature of several prospective jobs opportunities available in different industries of the economy, namely: Automobile Industry, Manufacturing Sector, Service Sector etc.

Why take AMCAT 2015 Test:

  • As already mentioned in the above paragraphs the AMCAT 2015 is an aptitude test which measures the several aspects of a candidate (reasoning, logical and verbal abilities).
  • The AMCAT 2015 test scores allow the candidate to seek and find new job opening for them.
  • They also assist large scale Multinationals to Shortlist & Recruit the best and new talent for entry level job openings, which are unreserved.
  • Thus the AMCAT 2015 is one kind of Assurance to both the Employer and the Employee to make the best out of both worlds.
  • There are several instances where large scale multinational corporations such as HCL, Sonata Software and even the “Delhi University” which have used the AMCAT Scores to shortlist and recruit fresh and new talents.

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