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AICTE is an acronym that spells out All India Council of Technical Education.

In most of my Articles which I have written on the Discipline of Engineering, all of them be it the Engineering Entrance Examinations or the Engineering Universities and Colleges or even the Programs, Courses and Syllabus, I have always been mentioning about the AICTE APPROVAL.

Thus this is an article that is specifically dedicated to the AICTE, which is a Statutory Organisation, regulating and administering the Profession of Engineering in India.

About AICTE:

The All India Council for Technical Education is a Statutory body which is Established under the All India Council of Technical Education Act 1987.

This Organisation has been incorporated with the intention of supervising, regulating and administering Technical Education and Knowledge (Engineering) in India. Ever since its inception the institute has persistently made all efforts to promote and advance the quality of Technical Education in India.

The All India Council for Technical Education was established in the year 1945, at that time it was just an advisory body but its only in the year 1987 that it was accorded a Statutory Status under the Act passed by the Parliament.

The Objective of the AICTE:

-Improving the Quality and Promoting Technical Education in India.
-Regulating, Maintaining and Creating newer Standard and Norms for Technical Education
-Co-ordinating and Planning for furthering the interests of Engineering in India.

The Vision of AICTE:

“To be a world class organization leading technological and socioeconomic development of the Country by enhancing the global competitiveness of technical manpower and by ensuring high quality technical education to all sections of the society.”

Departments of the AICTE:

-Department of Administration
-Department of Academics
-Department of University
-Department of Finance
-Department of Approvals
-Department of Planning and co-ordination
-Department of Quality Assurance
-Department of AICTE Quality Improvement Schemes

AICTE Subsidiary Boards:

There are 10 subsidiary board that provide all the assistance nd the help required by the AICTE, in carrying out its duties, here are they mentioned below:

-Board of PG and Research in Engg and Tech
-Board of UG Studies in Engg and Tech
-Board of Vocation Education
-Board of Management Studies
-Board of Technical Education
-Board of Pharmaceutical Education
-Board of Hotel Management
-Board of Architecture
-Board of Information & Technology
-Board of Catering Technology
-Board of Country and Town Planning

AICTE Bureaus:

The following are the Bureaus that are affiliated to the AICTE:
-The Bureau of Faculty Development
-The Bureau of Undergraduate Education
-The Bureau of Post Graduate Education and Research
-The Bureau of Planning and Co-ordination
-The Bureau of Research and Institutional Development
-The Bureau of Academics
-The Bureau of Administration
-The Bureau of Finance
-The Bureau of E-Governance

Regional Offices:

The AICTE has several offices situated in several cities across India, mentioned below are the names of the citites:

The above article was for the AICTE , which is an Apex Board for the Engineering and Technical Education in India. Please visit our website for more details on Engineering Courses and Programs, Engineering Entrance Examinations for the upcoming year 2015, Universities and Colleges offering several Engineering Courses and Programs Etc

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