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“Aeronautics”, this word has its origins from ancient Greece,with its words “aer” and “nautike”, which both mean air and navigation, making Aeronautics the field air navigation. Aeronautics is one of the many branches of engineering which deals with studying, designing, inventing  air-crafts as well as its improvisations

Thus it is a stream of engineering which is both an Art as well as a Science. Art because it involves creativity and new efficient inventions as compared to its predecessors and Science because it involves the application of physical, scientific, quantitative relative principles and techniques.

I am sure the when we hear the word aeronautics, the first thing that comes to our minds is NASA ,Boeing 347, Stealth planes, and Jets planes. Here  I would want to tell you that you are not wrong if you thought about it. Its not only those gigantic airplane making corporations that hire aeronautic engineers  but also the defense sector that requires them in order to study and design newer and lethal air crafts.

Although, the scope of work that is carried out, both in the defense and commercial sectors is quiet different, but its the applications and the fundamentals are the very same. The principles of air flow and air dynamics applies to all flying objects, whether its a Commercial Air Career, or a Jet plane , a stealth plane  and also a toy plane that flies in the air.

So even those toy flying planes that we usually see on on channels like home shop 18 and tv 18, work on the same principles and fundamentals of aero dynamics and air flow.

I would also like to precisely mention that the air dynamics or aerodynamics, call it whatever you want. But this is a distinct stream of the field of aeronautical engineering . Aeronautical engineering deals with only the study designing and inventing air crafts. but the air dynamic or aerodynamics as some prefer to call it ,  trust me its just  a pronunciation thing ,deals with the study of air flow and motion. Thus both are complementary to each other as one cannot fly if you there is no proper application of air flow.

Have you watched that movie Flight of the Phoenix, they usually broadcast it on times now, its a movie channel. i would want to tell all those who are aspiring to be aeronautical engineers to watch this movie somehow, either by watch it on air or rent a dvd but watch it.

So all those who want to fly and not walk, this is the best that one could ask for, so make your move and play it large.

I hope my words prove to be as aspiring and motivating like the movie that i have mentioned in my article. please visit our website for detailed information about Aeronautics and Aeronautical Engineering.



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