Aeronautical Engineering

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Aeronautical Engineering:

If not for the “Wright Brothers” who invented the first air plane, although a very conventional one, this phrase “The world has become a smaller place”  that we say and hear all the time would neither have existed, nor it would come true. Because of those two Geniuses, countries and states that are poles apart and which use to take days and weeks to reach, are just away from your door step in a couple of hours or just a matter of days, to be on the higher side.

I too have heard it many times from my grandfather and my my grandmother( may God bless her soul), that it use to take about 4 days only to reach Goa, and that too by travelling in trains. But now just board a flight from Ahmedabad or Mumbai and you are there in just a matter of hours, this is the power of Aeronautical Engineering.

Most of us think that this field of engineering includes everything, right from Fighter Jets, to Sleath Planes to NASA rockets and those destructive Missiles, but its not like that at all. Aeronautical engineering does not include all this, but is partially related to all the above mentioned fields. Its exactly the case of a matchstick to a matchbox,both are of no use without each other. How? let me explain.

Aeronautical engineering is the field of engineering that specifically comprises of the study, the design and the creation of air crafts, not to forget productive improvisation too. Thus this involves commercial or personal airplanes, jets planes and stealth planes, but this is very distinct from the making and the flying of rockets, space shuttles and missiles. These stand on a very different ground.

Rocketry or Rocket Science is the word, this is a distinct field of science that deals with the study, the design and the making of rockets, missiles and space shuttles which is driven by rockets into the deeper outer space. Rockets are useful for constructive and destructive work, Constructive because for exploration and destructive because of its vice versa use

But the force that drives all these above mentioned devices is the same and this force has a name called Aerodynamics. well some also call it as air dynamics, well this don’t matter. call it what ever you can. Aerodynamics is the science or the study of the principles of Air flow and Air Currents. this too being in proportion and complementary to the field of aeronautical engineering.

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