Admission Process for BA LLB at National Institute of Management & Technology

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Admission for BA LLB at NIMT


National Institute of Management and Technology, Great Noida has come forward as one of the leading institute offering quality education at international standards in India. NIMT was founded in 1992 with a vision of expanding and starting up more institutes. NIMT offers quality education for more than 53 regular courses in Medical, Electronic & Communication, Law, Education, Management etc.

In this piece of writing, we are guiding you with the admission process of BA LLB at NIMT. NIMT offers BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law) at undergraduate level and is a five – year incorporated program. Students willing to build their career in law can go for this course.

Eligibility: Student must have completed higher secondary education (10+2) with minimum of 45%.

Admission Process:

1)      Students, who are applying offline, have to download NIMT application form from the website.
2)      Complete the application and attach the required documentation to your application and submit it.
3)      You will receive an email notification from the Admissions Officer within two weeks of submitting your application.
4)      The email will be to inform you whether you have been selected for interview or not.
5)      NIMT specialized interviewers, conduct theses interviews in person. In most of the cases, two separate interviews are conducted.
6)      After the feedback on you from the interviewers to the Admission Officers, your application will be re-evaluated and hand over to the Admissions Committee to decide whether to accept or reject the candidate.
7)      The final decision on your application will be informed to you by letter and email.

For the students who are applying online, have to visit the website ( and fill an online form and pay the application fee of Rs. 750 by PayPal, Credit/Debit Card/ NEFT, Demand Draft (DD) or Cash.

Course Fees: The total course fees for BA LLB is Rs 2,15,000.

Hope this process helps you; if you have any query; do feel free to post your comments.

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