Acting as a Career Option in India

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Acting as a Career


Acting is a wide profession that involves name, fame, money and glamor. Acting is a work where you act similar to the personality you are playing. You represent the character by enacting; singing or speaking. Acting is attracted by glitz, there are many youngsters who want to become actors/actress and try their luck to get into this field.

Acting is a form of art that has been most appreciated after music. Acting is an amazing and this talent has to be tagged with other qualities like coordinated movements, a well adapted voice, a tendency for dancing and a good sense of rhythm. Moreover you must possess the ability to act different roles and with different sets of emotions without flaw. If you believe you have all these qualities along with self-confidence and positive thinking, then this is a right career for you.

There are many acting institute/ schools providing professional training for acting, in our previous piece of writing “Best Acting Schools in India” we have mentioned some of the best institute/ schools for acting. You can opt for any of such institute and get professional training.

To have a good career in acting you need to have good luck, personality and talent. There are various career options available you can seek in this industry. As an actor/actress you can work for various theater productions, you can work for television channels, movies and even radio channels. You also have option to show your talent as a stage actor, commercials, daily shops (TV shows) and come into sight through private videos.

Pros and Cons


  • There are numerous means open to work as talented actor such as stage, TV, films, radio, videos and many more.
  • The popularity you get is not confined to national borders, it is worldwide.
  • An actor can work till any age; there is no restriction or retirement age.


  • Very busy work schedule usually affects normal family life.
  • Too much of interference by media affects private life.
  • Due to competition opportunities can be lost in few moments.


Earnings in this field are higher compared to other creative fields. A stage actor can earn up to Rs. 10,000 per show depending upon the kind of role, scale of the show, production house and the kind of viewers where as an experienced TV actor can earn up to Rs.2, 00,000 per episode depending on the role. Movie star can earn in lakhs and crores depending on the popularity, success achieved and the production banner the work with.

If you are interested in acting and have the ability and patience to carry on till you get success, you can surely go for this profession of acting.

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