Accountant Job Description

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Accountant Job Description:

This article plainly focuses on the work profile and the job description of an Accountant and does not make any reference to a “Chartered Accountant” (CA)

Accountancy, both as a Vocation and Profession tops the list of career options, when it comes to the Commerce Stream of Education. This discipline of Accountancy seems to tip off the scales of other stream of Commerce namely that of Economics, Management, Finance Etc.

Eligibility for an Accountant:

(a)10+2 Pattern of Education:
All those Potential Candidates and Students who are interested in pursuing a career as an Accountant are required to complete their 10+2 pattern of Education in the Commerce Stream.

(b)Undergraduate Courses and Programs (10+2+3):
There are several Colleges and Universities that offer a 3 year degree in the Bachelor of Commerce, which also known as the B.Com Degree.

(c)Post Graduate Degree Programs and Courses:
Apart from the above all those students and Candidates who are interested in furthering their knowledge in the accounting world can join a 2 year Post Graduate Degree in Commerce or which is also known as the Master’s Degree in Commerce (M.Com)

Accountant Job Description:

  1. Thus it’s the duty and the sole responsibility of the Accountant to prepare all the financial statements such as that of the Profit and loss a/c, the Balance Sheet and Cash Flows. These are the financial statements that have to be mandatorily be prepared irrespectively of the size and the nature of the organization (public or private)
  2. All Accountants are also involved in other kinds of financial activities namely that of Cash Management and Control, Banking and Finance.
  3. An Accountant is also responsible for computing costs and margins from tenders, contracts and offers that are required to compete with.
  4. The Accountant is also responsible for the following list of duties and responsibilities which are given below:
  • Prepare and verify the daily reports
  • Prepare the daily income & sales
  • Record and prepare the journal entries and transactions on a daily basis
  • Bank reconciliation statement, which means reconciling the balances of the books with the bank pass book.
  • Preparation, finalization and the authorization of the refund vouchers.
  • Preparation and Compilation of the weekly and monthly reports
  • Duty to investigate and collect the refund items
  • Maintain all the refund and returned check accounts
  • Preparation and finalization of monthly and weekly balance sheet schedules.

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