Accountancy in India

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Accountancy in India:

The Commerce stream of education is very similar to that of the Engineering stream, just as the Engineering stream does comprise of several engineering sub disciplines such as that of Mechanical engineering, Chemical Engineering, Etc

In the same way the stream of Commerce, indeed comprises of several disciplines namely: Accountancy, Management, Finance, Economics Etc. The following article has been written on “Career in Accounting in India”

Accounting is the act of recording all the financial and commercial transactions in the financial statements. Thus the person who records all these commercial and financial transactions is called an accountant.

Duty & Responsibility of the Accountancy:

  • Thus it’s the duty and the sole responsibility of the Accountant to prepare all the financial statements such as that of the Profit and loss a/c, the Balance Sheet and Cash Flows. These are the financial statements that have to be mandatorily be prepared irrespectively of the size and the nature of the organization (public or private)
  • All Accountants are also involved in other kinds of financial activities namely that of Cash Management and Control, Banking and Finance.
  • An Accountant is also responsible for computing costs and margins from tenders, contracts and offers that are required to compete with.

Courses Available in Accounting:

The following given below is the list of several courses and programs, which are available in the Accounting Stream of Commerce. This list includes both Undergraduate level and Post Graduate level Accountancy Degree Courses and Programs.

(a)Undergraduate Accounting Courses & Programs:

  • Certificate courses in Accounting
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy and Finance
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Corporate Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Accounting

(b)Post Graduate Accounting Courses & Programs:

  • Master of Commerce in Accounting & Auditing
  • Master of Commerce in Accounting & Finance
  • Master of Commerce in Finance & Taxation
  • Master of Commerce in Financial Services
  • Master of Philosophy in Accounting

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