Accountancy Courses in India

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Accountancy Courses in India:

Accountancy is the most popular degree and program, when it comes to the Commerce stream of Education. The largest numbers of students aim to get admissions every year in this stream or discipline, even more when compared to other streams of Commerce, such as Management, Finance & Economics.

Accountancy is one stream of Commerce which deals with the process of preparing the books of accounts and the financial statements. An Accountant is wholly and primarily responsible to prepare the financial statements and books of accounts namely the profit & loss a/c, the Balance Sheet and the other subsidiary ledgers.

An Accountant is also responsible for performing other duties namely that of the Cash Management, Banking Activities and handling other duties namely assisting the auditor of the Company during the time of the conducting the audit.

There are several Colleges and Universities in India, which are conducting several Undergraduate, Post Graduate Courses in Accounting. Most of these Colleges and Universities admit all the students and Candidates purely on the basis of Merit, Unlike Engineering streams which have Engineering Entrance Examinations.

Accountancy Courses in India:

The following given below is the list of several courses and programs, which are available in the Accounting Stream of Commerce. This list includes both Undergraduate level and Post Graduate level Accountancy Degree Courses and Programs.

(a)Undergraduate Accounting Courses & Programs:

  • Certificate courses in Accounting
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy and Finance
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Corporate Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Accounting

(b)Post Graduate Accounting Courses & Programs:

  • Master of Commerce in Accounting & Auditing
  • Master of Commerce in Accounting & Finance
  • Master of Commerce in Finance & Taxation
  • Master of Commerce in Financial Services
  • Master of Philosophy in Accounting

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